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The Central Command

Governmental matters are coordinated from our various embassies and sent here, to our main office on Amari. The Warlord and his head Adjutants review all policies and issues, as the senate was believed to be corrupt and overly beuracratic. They were subsequently executed just prior to the formation of the Commonwealth. Make your visit brief, and do not attempt to access information you are not cleared for. This is your first and only warning..

Party Information:

  • Shakurian Party: The party was founded in 2178. Named after it's home on Amari, the province of Shakur. From it's inception the party has sought to enforce their views through military action and intimidation. Their hardline policies are directly inspired by the pre-Unified Amaru Nations. During this time, and all prior recorded history the Amaru people fought each other in one form or another. World War after world war ravaged Amari, and armed conflict decided all political actions. It is in image that the Shakurian hope to mold their people. They believe the warrior spirit must remain pure, and that every soldier knows peace is just a prelude to the next war. Before it's creation many party members supported the Malnino, but after the deal, they vowed vengeance and broke away to follow the true nature of the Amaru warrior.

  • Malnino Party: The Malnino have a long and storied history. Originally founded in 2001 by spiritual leaders the party endured many changes over time. The Malnino were inspired by the belief that the Amaru people need to end the wars, the conflict and band together to form a religious nation. Whereas the Shakurian's saw space travel as an oppurtunity to conquer and influence, the Malnino were firmly isolationist in nature. Technology was expanding rapidly causing the wars to be more devastating to the Amaru, and finally the Malnino convinced all of the warring factions to band together under a flag of peace. The newly founded "Unified Amaru Nation" experienced a golden age, until the aliens came..Certain party members felt they would need a serious technological advantage over their enemies if ever a war came again, so they struck a deal with the aliens. The civil war was triggered by what was dubbed a "Mass kidnapping" and the Malnino's power and prestige have been in decline since..

  • Brodus Party: The exact date of the party foundation was lost when the Shakurian invaded Amaru III, completely destroying many main Amaru knowledge centers. This party is regarded by many as political collaborators. They supported the smaller factions to stand against the Malnino and Shakur but eventually decided to throw their weight behind who they felt the victor would be. Moderate in their beliefs they nonetheless decided to support the Malnino and her allies and caused a major threat to Shakurian plans. Before the discovery of the Creep the Brodus had actually tipped the scales in favor of a Malnino victory. Their forces drew the brunt of the Creep onslaught and they finally joined Adamus under the promise of Shakurian protection and medical aid. After this turn-about it is believed that the Brodus will never have enough support to reclaim their place in the triumverate.

    Government & Economy