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Commonwealth Weaponry

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These are schematics of current weapons in use throughout the new Commonwealth fleets. To obtain more information on older, or non-adopted technology refer to the Research Department and the AmaruTech datafile.


-Quantum Reactor-The Quantum Reactor was a major technological breakthrough for our space forces. A recent development, our defensive posture has not yet allowed us to take full advantage of the reactor's limitless range. A ship with this reacor will not have to resupply.

-Quantum Slipstream Engine-Developed almost simultaneously with the Quantum Reactor. This engine allows very high speeds and is the succesor to our line of warp engines.

-Enhanced Plasma Torpedo-Slowly being phased out as the primary weapon system on warships. The plasma torpedo is a formidable weapon and now being used to complement the Quantum Slicer Beams. The enhanced version has a improved warhead, with a longer range and higher rate of fire.

-Defense Grid-A large motorized cannon system, the grid can engage both fighters, seekers, and space vessels. It is an excellent multi-role weapon and used on all varieties of ships.

-Mini-Shield Generator-Designed as a cost effective means of providing shielding to non-combatants. The generator is very compact and able to be used on smaller ships. The only drawback is that it doesn't provide phased shielding and therefore isn't used on frontline warships.

-Point-Defense Cannons-The primary means of defending warships from fighter and seeker attack, the Point-Defense cannon system is being entirely replaced by the Defense Grid. It is still used on older vessels and provides more hitting power than the Defense Grid, though only against small targets.

-Point-Defense Gun-The point defense gun is a smaller version of Point-Defense Cannon. It is a compact gun on a flexible mount used to engage fighters and seekers. Used on a variety of vessels as well as frontline warships to provide fighter saturation defense.

-Boarding Pod-Boarding Pods are an alternative to the normal "beam-in" boarding. Able to transport more troops to an enemy vessel, they are also more effective.

-Dry Dock-A very large and complicated system of automated construction facilities. The Dry Dock is used to build all of the large Amaru Warships.

-Auto-Repair Device-This device is a very small computer unit used to make small in-flight repairs on space vessels. Very expensive, but of great importance.

-Multi-Adaptive Shield Generator-The pinnacle of known shielding technology. This generator not only provides high levels of phased shielding, but it also renders a vessel impervious to long range scans.

-Stealth Armor-One of the main components in our fleet, this armor allows our ships to be extremely difficult to target with direct-fire weapons. We possess superior stealth technology to all races yet discovered.

-StarGate-The stargate allows instantaneous transport of vessels over one hundred sectors away. It is an invaluable piece of technology which allows us to project our power on a galaxy-wide scale.

-Fusion Reactor-The Fusion reactor in various models has been the mainstay of our fleets for over two-hundred years. Able to provide increased range and supply this reactor is being replaced in part by the Quantum reactor. Now used mainly on civilian vessels and medium ranged scouts.

-Ultrasteel Reactive ArmorThe primary armor used on the latest vessels. It is light, durable and used as a secondary point-defense weapon. When fired on the armor reacts by launching a seeker projectile to intercept incoming fighters or seekers.

-Quantum Devastator-The Devastator is a massive cannon powered by a self-contained quantum reactor. When overloaded it can even destroy entire planets. This is our most feared weapon but so far in use only on our two Baseships due to it's large size and complicated handling procedures.

-Quantum Slicer Beam-The Quantum Slicer Beam is the primary offensive weapon used on all next generation warships. It is a focused high energy beam which literally slices through enemy targets.

-Weapon Platform-The weapons platform is a deployable planetary defense unit. It is an orbital platform which is armed with a single Quantum slicer beam to protect planets from invaders.