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Independent Immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canada - A Do-it-yourself solution

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After the question and table of content sections, there are web sites of Canadian Government CCPE, General Occupation List Information, NOC, Pilot Project for Software Professional, Medical Practioners List, ESL etc.. All this sites are OFFICIAL government web sites and do not carry influence from any profit oriented groups.

Are you looking for good answers to the following FAQ IMMIGRATION QUESTIONS?

1) What are the general requirements, education/skill criteria, application fee, and overall financial requests?
2) Where and how to apply from the country an applicant is residing?
3) How long an application process takes in Canadian Immigration Centers located at different countries? Can you and how to chose an immigration process center that processes faster?
4) Can you file high quality application by yourself ? If necessary, what exactly you need to pay for quality consultant or lawyer services at reasonable cost ?
5) Why and how to conduct Canadian professional association immigration assessment?
6) What is Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) system? What are the Canadian professional NOC job code, job title, job duties, job descriptions, and related job titles of applicant's occupation?
7) How to write a professional resume to effectively transfer education, work experience gained even in your own country to satisfy immigration officers? How to translate academic transcripts (if original one not in English/French) and write course descriptions to comply with Canadian university standard?
8) How to write a reference letter? What is the basic layout of such a reference letter?
9) What kind of letters immigration officers will mail to you and how they looks (samples)?
10) How to prepare immigration interview? What are the frequently asked interview questions and how to answer them satisfactorily? The examples of handling difficult questions.
11) What are the general job market in Canada? Where and how to find a job in Canada? Do you have to adjust your occupation? How to make the adjustment if you failed to find a job in your occupational area ?
12) How long do you have to live in Canada in order to become a Canadian citizen? Can you study and work outside of Canada without losing your permanent resident status? How easy for a Canadian citizen to work in USA?

Table of Content

Preface Letter from the author
Chapter 1 Self-Assessment (general, skill, financial)
1.1 General Assessment
1.2 Skill Assessment
1.3 Application fee and financial requirement
Chapter 2 Canadian Professional Association Immigration Assessment
2.1 CCPE Assessment
2.2 Two Major Reasons of CCPE Assessment Failure
2.2 Other Assessments
Chapter 3 How to submit application
3.1 Where to obtain Application Form
3.2 Documents to Prepare
3.3 Guideline of writing a reference letter
3.4 Where to submit? How to chose location?

Chapter 4 What to expect after submission
4.1 Initial Evaluation
4.2 Medical Examine
4.3 Background Check
4.4 Interview
4.5 Waiting Time
4.6 Receiving Immigration Visa
Chapter 5 Interview Preparation
5.1 Purpose and Characteristics of Interview
5.2 Guidance and tips of Preparation
5.3 Interview Questions and Answer Hints
5.4 Examples of how to handle difficult situation
5.5 Classification (motivation, readiness) of Interview Questions
5.6 Examples of recalled interview description, detailed questions,
answers, tips from recent successful applicants
Chapter 6 What to expect after landing
6.1 How to find job and your right and obligation
6.2 The benefit of being Canadian Citizen
Appendix 1
a. Calculating score using immigration score system
b. An example and your score
Appendix 2 Canadian Council of Professional Engineer (CCPE) requests and form
a. CCPE Assessment request
b. A filled out sample form (see appendix 7)
Appendix 3 Worldwide Canadian Embassy/immigration Center and Police Department Addresses
a. Canadian Embassy/immigration center addresses
b. List of Police department for obtaining police certificate
Appendix 4. A sample reference letter
Appendix 5. NOC list and Interview Questions/Answers
a. National Occupational List and sample NOC
b. Sample NOC occupation definition and description
c. Pilot program for software professionals
Appendix 6 Useful web sites
Appendix 7 Sample immigration documents and classified resumes
a. A sample of filled out CCPE forms
b. A sample of computer filled out application forms
c. Notification from Immigration Center
d. Medical Examine Notice
e. Sample of classified resumes
f. A sample immigration visa

Canadian Government Immigration Official Web sites

Government of Canada Immigration Form Site
Canadian Council of Professional Engineer Web site
General Occupational List Information Site
National Occupational Classification Site
Pilot Project for Software Professionals
Language Learning Site
Medical Practioners List

For further questions, comments and requests on each topic, e-mail to: Further Information or

Appendix I a. Calculating your score using Immigration Score System
Immigration Do-It-Yourself Guide Information
Free Qualification Assessment Information