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  • Nothing is true,

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  • Everything is permitted...

  • This site is dedicated to the idea of freedom. Freedom of thought. Freedom of speech. Freedom of spirit. Like Chaos itself, I want this site to have no boundaries or walls. Each individual has the right to be, act and live as they choose. There is no force on earth that can stop the spirit of creativity. All too often have I seen people have to limit themselves for fear of the actions of others. Fear that is enforced apon us all by the need for a status quo. That need takes away the freedom of everyone. It is times like these when I personally feel the greatest threat. That threat is to our individuality. When we are forced to conform to the majority, a piece of ourselves is lost in that action. But with this freedom I feel lays the most responsibility. The responsibility to one another. To achieve what ever goals and heights that we aim for and not hurt others while climbing to those heights. I understand and believe in the rights of the individual. I also understand and believe in the rights of others as well. This does not mean that your personal rights are to be tossed aside for someone else. It does mean that you have no right to force your way of life on others. Everyone. Racists, bigots, sexists, religious zealots, etc... all have the right to think and act as they will, but this does not give them the right to subject others to their personal ideals. If your actions would hurt another person, then that action is not self expression, it's just selfish.
    In this site I have several places for you to make a statement. I have a guest book, an Email link and a Rant page. I am opening the doors for you to express yourselves. If you want to post to my Rant Page, please Email me and I will put it up. If you have stories or poems, I am soon to add a page or two for that as well. Send me your Rage. Your Sadness. Send me the things that are deep with in you that need to come out. I have this site here to be the soapbox that society wouldn't let you stand on. There are no judges here, just people who will listen to your words...

    * = If you have any information on who created this image, please contact me. Thank you