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No One Comes Close;
The Best Bulls In The Business!!!

CH. MB's Brahma Bull



MB's Brahma Bull will be among the best bulls out there, he is out of MB's Brody & Orca. Brahma has the complete package, Brahma has an awesome head piece on him, he is 19 inches tall weighing in @ 84lbs, Brahma took Best In Show Honors @ the VBA's Bulldogge Bonanza @ Burmill Park and also @ the WNC Ag Center. MB's Brahma Bull  will help us prove that the Woody Bulls are: The Best Bulls In The Business!!

My Bulldogges Sumo

The Living Legend


No One Comes Close;

CH. MB's Bison


GD. CH. MB's BozzaDaBull  


CH. MB's Beefy 

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MB's Torque

The Best Bulls In The Business!!!


We Strive Not For Mediocrity But For Excellence


My Bulldogges Home Of The Woody Bull

Olde Victorian Bulldogge Gallery

Enjoy The View

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The Best Bulls In The Business!!!



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