Hölle auf erden


After a bloody revolution, replicants inhabit the earth. A new form of replicant (Anwar), capable of reproducing, has been impregnated by the last remaining human (Miller). The Ministry must stop her, at all cost, from giving birth to a hybrid species. Now she is on the run for her life and the life of her unborn child. Her human lover is the only one that can help her.


The "Blade Runner"-Sidequel Hölle auf Erden is as great as its predecessor. The first thing that jumps into the eyes of the viewer is the incredible presentation. One picture/poster is better than the other. This movie sets every other studio an example for presenting their films. The story itself is terrific and takes some surprising turns (for example Kraig turns out as human - opposite to Ford finding out he´s a replicant). Some cruel scenes may shock the audience, but they are necessary and the open end is great, leaving some room for a possible sequel.
--Virtual Siskel

All I can say is wow! I sat through the longer than normal showing to see this entire story, and I have to say, it was well worth my time. Not only did the producer obviously spend a good deal of work on the imagery of the movie, but also took the time to write out a good plot. The plot-writing shows an in-depth and well thought out story that is bound to entertain even the most skeptical. As for the imagery, there is none better to be found in the theater. It's worth the price of admission for this Friday night event.
--Virtual Ebert


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Best Cast
Best Actress - Gabrielle Anwar
Best Director - Ridley Scott


Christina Applegate

Dina Meyer

Gabrielle Anwar

Milla Jovovich

Anthony Michael Hall

Ben Becker

Henry Rollins

Ian Ziering

Jonny Lee Miller

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music by

Wendy Carlos


Fly on the Wall Studios


Ridley Scott

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