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Street Defense and Personal Protection

How is USP training different?

Why Urban Safety Programs? Our society takes violence and violation of personal space for granted. It is generally accepted that personal attacks will happen to all of us sometime during our lifetime. Urban Safety Programs was created to combat this feeling of resignation. We do not have to be victims; only if we choose to be. There are so many of us who are tired of living with physical constraints. It is not pleasant to think that we cannot attend social events in the evening, attend classes or visit friends without feeling afraid for our own safety. Although the anger stemming from feeling afraid may not show, the resentment affects everything we do, our choice of daily activities, and how we relate to others. Urban Safety Programs was created to make a statement. We do not have to feel resigned, nor do we have to harbor a deep seated anger. It is possible for us face these issues squarely, and do something for ourselves.

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