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"I'm fine, no problem, I've taken worse than this, I am Cat, eater of worlds." ---Jon Carroll (cat mantra)

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NEWS - Updated 20 August 2006
Local and World Feline News
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Don't let your cat see this video.

A clawless cat chases a bear up a tree, twice! With pics.

A stowaway cat returns home in style. A Wisconsin cat named Emily returns home after an unscheduled trip to France.

A hurricane Katrina evacuee is reunited with her cat after three months.

A long missing cat is reunited with his family. Never give up home if your cat is lost.

A thermal camera is used to lcate a missing cat. Now that's appropriate technology.

A hungry cat starts a fire...

A cat survives a 70 foot fall and a 600 foot swim. Not to mention dodging traffic, one lucky cat. And her luck continues, she has been adopted by a lady in Maine.

A story about feline genetics. The American Cheetah is more closely realted to the puma than the African Cheetah for example. I didn't even know there was an American Cheetah!

The headline says it all: World's First Cat Toilet Training Kit is Available Now for the 21st Century Cat

A judge brings some sanity to the case of the trespassing cat.

A very sad and poignant story about a cat who apparently died of greif: She Only Liked Dad.

Another cat rescue story with a pic of the fortunate feline: Cat trapped under city street gets a helping hand

I have started a United Cats discussion group at yahoo.com. Simply click on: United Cats Yahoo Group Once there click the "join" button, the rest should be self explanatory. The inspiration for this group is to have a place where cat questions can be submitted to a number of cat lovers for advice. It will also be a forum for general cat information, cat stories, cat humour, etc. I hope to see you there. :)

A lucky cat survives an explosion that injured several firefighters.

A family of cats has adopted a baby squirrel! With pictures. :)

The cat pictured at the top of the page is my own father's illustrious cat, Potter. Potter is illustrating how cats everywhere are adapting to the information age, not content with simply laying on books or newspapers while they are being read, he has mastered the art of interfering with the computer while it is in use as well. All part of some evil feline plan no doubt.

Speaking of evil feline plans, here is a humorous link to a story about terrorist cats. On a similar but more serious note, a man is shot by his own cat.

Clearly a news day for adventurous cats, here's the story of the cat who rode for ten miles on a car roof.

A somewhat sad story about a cat that died in a fire. However the story has a happy ending for another cat, with an odd twist.

Apparently having cats in one's home can help prevent children from developing cat allergies.

A cat wins a contest for losing weight.

Two more articles about Little Nicky, the world's first commercially cloned cat. The first article thinks that the whole idea is Purrfectly Insane. Nonetheless the author makes some good points and so I have included it. The second article is far more positive. This author also makes some very good points. United Cats is intrigued by the whole cat cloning issue and will be publishing an article on same this spring.

Some very rare kittens have been born in the U.K.

A moving story about a very old cat who lived with a very old lady, but got lost. Fortunately after many trials and tribulations the cat and the lady were joyously reunited. This story actually brought a tear to my eye.

A cat was rescued after nine days from sixty feet up a tree. Apparently rescues like this are fairly common.

A rather odd story about the history of the U.K. Home Office Cat. The records of these cats were just recently diclosed and include such tidbits as: "...official humiliation was only averted in the nick of time by a HEO (higher executive officer) of Establishment Division, who threw a soiled doormat out a window a few seconds before the appearance of H.M. (Her Majesty) the Queen."

A cat is returned home after seven years because of an implanted microchip. Eleven years is still the record, but this is a nice story and illustrates the wonders of this technology.

Another rescue story, this one about a lucky feline rescued from a snow bank.

For the tiger lovers out there, a story about a tiger debut.

A story about the peril facing snow leopards. These wonderful big cats are facing extinction.

United Cats is still of mixed feelings about pet cloning, but it is the wave of the future. Here is a comprehensive anti cloning editorial.

Many thanks for the links and stories loyal readers have sent in.

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