Welcome to Snicker's Anti-uniform page!!!
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Welcome to Snicker's Anti-uniform page!!!

reasons not to wear a uniform.

Their arguments vs. my arguements
"Uniforms make for a much better learning enviornment.Did you know that the word "gullible" isn't listed in the dictionary? noooo, not really!
come on now, people! Am I sopoussed to understand the causes that led up to the civil better dressed in a navy blue jumper/white collared blouse than in my black flares and maroon top? And what happened to a sense of pride? Besides, I have hard evidence that this learning enviornment crap is just that--crap! I have a copy of a test I took on a free dress day that I scored a perfect 100% on!
"Students feel more professional in uniforms, like it's time for work."As a matter of fact, no, we don't. We feel stupid.
"uniforms notably reduce tardies because students don't have to worry about what to wear in the morning."If you have had my experience, the opposite thing happens. Five minutes before you have to leave the house, you're running around screaming, "Where the !@#$#%A%^&* is my blouse?" instead of just settling for something else. And the reason is, you can't just settle for something else. Pretty lousy, huh?
"Some students dress so radically that a uniform is the only soloution."First of all, the last time I checked it was a free country. Second of all, A dress code would be quite suffcient if it was enforced! Third of all, if they dress radically, then it's their problem, not mine. To tell you the truth, When I see some guy walking down the street with blue hair and more peircings than cupid, I don't usually care. I notice it, but it's not like it has any major impact on me.
"It gives students a sense of school spirit."This has got to be a joke! Do you have any idea how much kids hate having to wear a uniform? Before there was a uniform, I used to tell my out-of-state friends, "Sure, I like school! It's great!" but now it's more like, "School sucks! I have to wear a uniform!"

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