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Municipality of Thorne
775 Route 366
Ladysmith, Quebec, J0X 2A0

These pages are published as information for rate payers of Thorne and are not official documents of the Municipality of Thorne. - Aurel Caron

The census of the Township of Thorne, in 1861, showed a population of 480. The original settlers to the area were primarily from Ireland, Scotland and England. The german settlers began arriving about a decade later. The main commerce carried on was lumbering. By the 1910 the population had grown to 905.

Municipality of Thorne Council Minutes - April 7, 1998
Municipality of Thorne Construction Permit Requirements

Mayors Annual Address - 1998

It is with pleasure that I am able to report that we have had an excellent year.

We have managed this year to maintain the quality of service that we have come to expect in Thorne while operating within our budget. Not only are we under budget but we have used some of the anticipated surplus to crush a stockpile of gravel for use in the coming years.

There has been an increased number of break-ins throughtout our municipalith this year (a problem not exclusive to Thorne). I have discussed this with the chief of Police and he assures me that they are on top of the situation. They will increase the number of patrols in the area in the future. The police have a number of suspects in these caseds but are waiting to make any arrests until they know they have enough evidence to make the charges stick,

Again this year the province is lown-loading its' fiscal problems ontou our backs. they have handed us a bill for twenty-eight thousand dollars. This is equivalent to more than 10% of our total taxes that we are being forced to find or do without. The good news is we will not be increasing your taxes 10%. With considerable belt tightening it will be possible to limit the increase to approximately 3%.

In conclusion 1998 is looking like it will be another terrific year in Thorne both for our permanent residents and our summer friends. On behalf of the council and all members of the staff i would like to extend our wish that you all have a great year.

Ross Vowles, Mayor


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