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MAJOR MATT MASON - the sharkman's pad

hi gang,

     My name is the sharkman and I am a pretty big  enthusiast of MATTEL'S MAN IN SPACE: MAJOR MATT MASON.  It is one of the toys of the 60's that I vividly remember playing with; approximately ten years ago, i embarked on my own mission to acquire as much MATT MASON as I possibly could.  It has been an enjoyable venture and I buy and sell MATT MASON items all the time.  Below I have listed some of the items that I am currently looking for, so HOLLER if you may have come across something!  If you are looking for a particular item, let me know as I just may have it or know someone who does....look forward to talking to you. GOOD LUCK IN THE HUNT!!

   the sharkman

My MAJOR MATT MASON & other toy WANTS...

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