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Marcia and Howard Summers welcome you to their web page and invite you to try the links below. The Categorized Links include a variety of useful categories. Everyone seems to want their own homepage so we are trying to have useful information and interesting places to go. We hope you find this informative, interesting and fun.

The Summers operate the only elephant wash in Saratoga, California. Its success may be seen by the dearth of dirty elephants in Saratoga.

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Indianapolis 500 

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Health Insurance 
Science Index 
The Product Manager 
Working Words
Product Management 
The Flag 
Mathe Problem Index 
Government Guide 
WiFi California
Phonetic Pronunciation Symbols  
Tennis Information 
Would you rather be a Fiji or go to Fiji? 
Categorized links 
Collected links 
Usefull links 
Road Warrior 
Walking tours of SiliValley  
A respite in the Mountains  
Khave Index
Kolache Cookies  
Getting your message across 
Piet Mondrian  
html Basics  
Web Index. 
Proofreading Marks  
Morse and Phonetic  
Emergency Preparedness  
World Wide Religion Index 
Warrens 90th 
Spector Nightclub 
Foreign Language and Culture Links 
Network for Educators in the Workplace (N.E.T.)  
California Sesquicentenial  
Cybernetic Systems 
Starfleet Acadamy  
Opera and Art 
Searching the Web  
Vacation Spots 
Banks Use the Wrong Formula to calculate home mortgages!

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