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On my pages you will find a little bit of everything...
as is my nature to jump from one thing to the next.
One love of mine has always remained....
and that is my love for the Fae...

By Brian Froud and Alan Lee

The myths and legends about Faerie are many and diverse,
and often contradictory...
Only one thing is certain ~
that nothing is certain.
All things are possible in the land of Faerie.

The mystery of Faerie has been, from the earliest times,
a subject of human speculation.
What are Faeries? Where did they come from?

Norse mythology relates how the maggots emerging
from the corpse of the giant Ymir transformed themselves
into the Light Elves and the Dark Elves.
Light elves, living in the air, are benign,
happy creatures, but the dark elves,
whose domains are the underground regions,
are swarthy, evil and blighting.

The Icelandic version, on the other hand,
states that Eve was washing all her children
by the river when God spoke to her.
In her awe and fear she hid those children she had not already washed.
God asked if all her children were there and she replied that they were.
He then declared that those she had hidden from him would be hidden from man.
These hidden children became the elves or Faeries
and were known as Huldre Folk in the Scandinavian countries.
Huldre girls are exceptionally beautiful, but with long cowtails;
or else they are hollow behind,
presenting only a beautiful front.
Thus they fulfill the deception of their origin.

Elsewhere Faeries are believed to be fallen angels;
or the heathen dead, not good enough for Heaven,
but not evil enough to find a place in Hell ~
compelled to live forever 'in between'
in the twilight regions, the Middle Kingdom.
In Devon for instance pixies are considered to be
the souls of unbaptised children.
However, these beliefs stem only from the advent of Christianity,
baptism being unknown prior to that time,
and hence cannot be regarded as reliable.
Faerie is very ancient and predates Christianity by several millenia.
Moreover it exists, and has existed, in varying forms,
in many countries all over the world.

**The Fairy Call**

A spell for summoning the fairies...

~From "Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book"~

Sit where the cat sits.
Cross your toes.
Close your eyes.
And smell a rose.
Then say under your breath:
"I believe in fairies, sure as death."
Gadflykins! Gladtrypins!
Gutterpuss and Cass!
Come to me fairily
Each lad and lass!

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