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Rollerbladers Suck

  1. their tricks suck!
  2. can't handle the pain.
  3. they steal tricks from skateboarding.
  4. they get praise for going down the stairs of the houses of government while skaters get kicked out of closed down parking lots.
  5. lack of respect from rollerbladers and the gall to call themseles rad for doing any trick. that leaves the ground, gee aren't skates connected to your feet?
  6. more people can rollerblade (acceptably) than can skateboard.
  7. They don't go sideways.
  8. they get in our way at skate spots.
  9. they don't have to ollie up curbs. or and thing else they just walk up.
  10. we have yet to be convinced that it is`difficult' to do switchstance rollerblading.
  11. A 4 year old could jump off stairs on blades, would like to see him do it on a skateboard.
  12. The only thing i like about them is when the crash, cause they can't bail, becuase there skates at stuck to there feet.
  13. they get in our way.
  14. their just gay!!!!


    E-mail me why they suck and I'll post it.

    I have been getting alot of dumb email by rollerbladers crying about my page. I just have to say get a life and let people have there opinions. I counldn't give a crap about any of you guys.