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Himitsu Ninja tai Nyankey Syutudou!
Secret Ninja Group, Nyankii Dispatch!

Stop Dragon My Cat Around!

We meet the cats when a dragon appears and terrorizes the city.
Matiju Osushi da! Panic da!The Town is full of Sushi! Panic!

If You Knew Sushi Like I Know Sushi

Lucille's brother is kidnapped and used to control a sushi making giant robot.
Hore Hore Ana Hore Motto Hore!
Dig Dig a Hole and Dig More!

Underground, Underwater, and Undercooked

The Ninja Crows kidnap townsfolk and make them dig to a secret vault.
Nayami wo Kaiketu? Cardo de Chin!
Have a Worry? A Card will solve it!

The Great Golden Cluck

A giant golden statue appears to grant wishes, for a price...
Idol Tanjou? Geinou Kai no Amai Wana
An Idol is Born? Sweet Trap of the Entertainment World

Singing Samurai Sensation

Polly and Lucille become music stars.
Tanken! Otenba Hime no Yuenti
Exploration! Ammusement Park for a Tomboy Princess

Let the Cellar Beware

Princess Vi enlists Speedy to help search for a ghost in the palace
Maji!? Karamaru ga Hero ni Naru Hi
Is it True!? Karamaru Becomes a Hero?

The Nuclear Potato

Outsiders are delivering a bribe to Big Cheese.
Kowai? Koon no Kami no Himitsu
Is it Dreadful? Koon no Kami's Se-cr-et

Kind of a Drag

Guido meets a pretty girl, but Big Cheese has sent the Ninja Crows after her.
Hime wa Ukiuki! Minna Harahara
The Princess is Excited! Everyone is worried!

Double Trouble for Princess Vi

Princess Vi puts on a disguise and sneaks out of the palace.
Teyande! Korega Nyankii de
Teyande! This is Nyankii

(No English Episode)

A "clip show" with scenes from the first 9 episodes.
Ijimerarekko no papa ha tensai kagakusya
Father of the Bullied Child is a Gifted Scientist?!

Hot and Cold Kitties

Speedy meets a boy who's scientist father has been kidnapped by Big Cheese.
Tin Pureh Kou Pureh! Nyankii no Jakuten!
Unusual play, wonderful play! The Weakness of Nyankii!

Candid Kitties

The Bad Guys gather in a movie theater to watch their past mistakes and look for the Pizza Cats' weakness.
Nyankii Haiboku? Yami no Yon Nin Syu Arawaru!
Nyankii Defeat? The Dark 4 Ninja Appear!

The Pizza Cats are only Human: Part 1

Four powerful Ninja Crows, the "Rude Noise", arrive to challenge the Pizza Cats.
Gyakuten! Nyankii Sora wo Tobu
Reversion! Nyankii Fly Through the Air

The Pizza Cats are only Human: Part 2

The Pizza Cats turn to Guru Lou in hopes that he can show them how to defeat the Rude Noise.
Onegai! Koon no Kami wa Ninki ga Hosii
Wish! Koon no Kami Wants to be Popular

Those Transforming Felines

Big Cheese is jealous of the PIzza Cats' popularity, so he tries to improve his image.
Uso! Shogun-sama wa Nisemono!?
A Lie! The Shogun is an Imposter!?

The Case of the Bogus Billionaire

The Bad Guys find Emperor Fred's double, and try to use him to replace Fred.
Dokoda? Kieta Daisensei
Where? The Professor Disappeared

Big Cheese's IQ Corral

The Big Cheese is having scientists kidnapped to be forced to work on his secret weapon. Now the Ninja Crows are after Guru Lou.
Miatte Miatte Yakyu de Syoubu
Courtship, Courtship A Baseball Challenge

Field of Screwballs

The Bad Guys use a mind controlling robot on a popular baseball player Princess Vi has a crush on. To impress her, they challange the Pizza Cats to a baseball game.
Dobu Dato wa Kiken ga Ippai
Double Date It is Full of Danger

Speedy's Double-Time Trick

Speedy makes a date with Lucille, forgetting he already has plans with Polly.
Esu!? Pururun no Ojousama Sengen
Eh!? Pururun's Debutante Declaration

Samurai Charm School

Polly decides to act more lady-like. But the charm school she's signed up in is really run by Big Cheese!
Ponpoko Tanuki de Oosawagi
Boom-boom A Tanuki Makes a Fuss!

Drummin' Up Trouble With a Big, Bad Beat

A quick talking, clock-work Tanuki (raccoon-dog) with a hypnotic drum is trying to turn the townsfolk against Emperor Fred.
Karasu ga Piza Motte Tokkyu-bin
A Crow with Pizza, Limited Express Delivery?

Pizza Bird Delivers

Big Cheese is low on money, so the Ninja Crows have to take second jobs. Bad Bird gets hired at the Pizza Cat's.
Gekitotu! Eiga no Syuyaku wa Dareda?
Crash! Who is the Star of the Movie?

The Big Cheese Shows his Filmy Substance

Princess Vi is making a movie. Big Cheese wants to star in it, but to get the part, he must win an endurance race against the town's toughest men, including Speedy and Guido.
Rereh? Kohn-no kami ni Kodomo!
Strange? Koon no Kami has a Child!?

Son of Big Cheese

A lost baby thinks Big Cheese is his father.
Kawaii? Yattaro Onna ni Naru
Cute? Yattaro Turns into a Girl

Gender Bender Butterflies

Francine's date is ruined when the Bad Guys release a swarm of butterflies that can make people act like the opposite gender.
Daibouken! Zekko-tyou wo Sagase
A Big Adventure! Search for the Zekko Bird

Cold and Crabby in Little Tokyo

Emperor Fred and Big Cheese are sick. The Cats and Bad Bird search the mountians for the strange bird that can cure the illness.
Yada! Oira Tati ga Shimanagashi
Unpleasant! We are Banished to an Island?

Terror of Prisoner Island

There is a flaw in the palace. The Pizza Cats are sent to find the architech, who has been banished to an island by Princess Vi, but the Ninja Crows are after him too.
Heh? Nyankii ga Kaisan?!
Is it so? The Nyankii are Disbanded?!

Pizza Cat Preformance Review

Big Al isn't satisfied with the Pizza Cats' work, so he sends them to the suburbs, while the Rescue Team Cats take over the main shop.
Bareta!? Nyankii no Syoutai
Exposed!? Nyankii's True Character

Destructo Robots at Popular Prices

The Rude Noise goes undercover to find out more about the Pizza Cats.
Idol Densetu? Sukashi Syutudou
Legendary Idol? Sukashi Dispatched

No Talent Guido

Guido feels left out when Polly, Lucille, and even Speedy become music stars. But now it's up to him to save the city from Big Cheese's singing.
Turaize Karamaru! Ninja no Koi
Karamaru in Pain! A Ninja's Love

All You Need is Love

Big Cheese decides to marry his way up, so the Bad Guys make a cupid robot to make Princess Vi fall in love with him. But things don't go as planned.
Pururun no Hue wa Otogibanasi
Pururun's Flute has a Story

Polly's Magic Flute

Big Cheese discovers a legend about a flute that can be used to find a treasure, so he collects all the flutes in the city, including Polly's.
Husigi?! Hosi Kara Kita Otomodatchi
Mysterious?! A Friend from the Stars!

Close Encounters of the Pig Kind

Speedy befriends a pig from space. But this pig's appetite is out of control.
Hissyo Sakusen! Tuyoizo Karakara Itizoku
A Plan for Certian Victory! The Karakara Clan is Strong

Big Cheese's High Definition TV

After studing past defeats, the Bad Guys combine the features of their old robots to make a super robot.
Sagase! Mizuumi ni Kieta Nekkei
Sagase! Nekkei Disappeared at the Lake

Pizza Delivery of Doom

Spritz disappears while making a delivery to a lakeside village, where mysterious creatures have been frightening the locals.
Moyase Seisyun! Mata Deta Daisensei
Youth Burn with Passion! Also, the Professor returns.

Youth is for Exploding

The city is in terrorized by a group of exploding robot teens. And to make things worse, Guru Lou is testing his new formula.
Masaka!? Yattarou Yuhi ni Sisu
Really!? Yattaro Dies at Sundown

Bad Bird Uncaged, Part 1

Bad Bird has a powerful new weapon. He challenges Speedy to a duel.
Taose Karamaru! Namida, Namida no Dai Hukkatu
Defeat Karamaru! Tears, Tears of a Big Revival

Bad Bird Uncaged, Part 2

Speedy goes to Guru Lou to learn the secret of the Pizza Cats' power.
Hello! Yattaro Kaigai he Tobu
Hello! Yattaro Flies to Another Country

A Mission in Manhattan

The Pizza Cats go to New York to meet their American counterparts, but the Big Cheese and the Ninja Crows are there too.
UFO!? Nyankii Tai Utyujin
UFO!? Nyankii vs Aliens

Unidentified Flying Oddballs

A flying saucer appears, and kidnaps Princess Vi. The Pizza Cats have to rescue her.
Tonderu! Kaettekita Hahaue
Touching! Mother Returns Home

Princess Vi's Hippy Dippy Mom

Princess Vi's mother returns, and gives Vi a jem that the Big Cheese needs for his latest robot.
Dairanse de Ii Yu Dana
A Big, Confusing Fight at the Spa?

Wet and Wild Weekend

The Pizza Cats go to a spa to protect Emperor Fred and Princess Vi, but Big Cheese and the Ninja Crows are there too, trying to get some rest and relaxation.
Zenin Syugou! Tenka Iti no Dai Shiai
Everyone is Coming! A Contest to decide Who is #1 in the Land

Kung-fu Kitty Contest

Princess Vi holds a martial arts fighting contest to see who is the top fighter in the country.
Pinchi! Nusumareta Masamasa
Pinch! The Masamasa is Stolen

Gone with the Ginsu

Speedy's sword is stolen, and replaced with a cheap imitation.
Gaku! Mijime na Koon no Kami
Disapointment! The Misery of Koon no Kami

A Little Bit O' Luck

The Ninja Crows are afraid to tell Big Cheese that they lost his Good Luck robot to Speedy, so they give him the Bad Luck one instead.
Toki wo Kakeru Nyankii
Nyankii are Stuck in Time

Samurai Savings Time

The Big Cheese's time machine robot sends him, Bad Bird, and the Pizza Cats back in time.
Deta! Nise Nyankii
They Appeared! Imitation Nyankii

Phoney Baloney Cats

Big Cheese, Jerry, and Bad Bird dress up like the Pizza Cats to ruin the cats' reputations.
Nyankii Santa Sora wo Yuku
Nyankii Santas Fly Through the Air

The Cheese Who Stole Christmas

Big Cheese is having a bad Christmas, so he dress up like Santa and gives kids masks that won't come off.
Yattaro Otsukare Shimanagashi
Tired Yattaro is Banished to an Island

Emporer Fred does Hard Time

A tired Speedy gives Princess Vi's pizza to Emperor Fred, who ruins it. The Princess has a temper tantrum and banishes both of them.
Gennarisai no WAHAHA Dai Sakusen
Gennarisai's "WAHAHA" Big Plan

Quake, Rattle & Roll

The Ninja Crows build and earthquake creating robot, which terrifies Speedy, and Big Cheese.
Kie! Koon no Kami no Dai Kenkyu
Frightening! Koon no Kami's Big Research

(No English Episode)

Clip Show
Kohn no Kami Sijou Saidai no Sakusen
Koon no Kami's Biggest Operation Ever!

The Great Comet Caper, Part 1

In a final plot, Big Cheese redirects a comet towards the city.
Ashita mo Zettai Nihonbare!
Tomorrow will be Absolutle Beatiful!

The Great Comet Caper, Part 2

Speedy and Bad Bird join forces to save the world from the comet.
Nyankii wa Humetu Desu
Nyankii is Forever!

The Cats Cop Cartoon Careers

A look back at some of the character's best moments in the series.