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Welcome to my Home Page . My name is George Craig and am a Roman Catholic. Some people might describe me as a Traditional Catholic but if one is to be accurate , I would argue that as a catholic I view Rome ( Vatican) as a protestant , modernistic, Marxist organization that is certainly not catholic. Consequently I regard Francis as a heretic new pope who is not a real pope. That would make me a SEDEVACANTIST.

Since leaving the SSPX in 2009 a group of us invited a good priest from the CMRI ( Congregation Of Mary Immaculate Queen) to come here and give us the true Mass and the Sacraments. We were to have the Mass at Kersbrook a country town an hour away from Adelaide. Due to some stupid people causing trouble and wanting to run things and tell the priest what to do and how, we had to cease attending Mass in Kersbrook.

We now have Mass at my home in Trott Park some 20 kilometers from the city. Father Julian Gilchrist visits from America every 3 or 4 months and in the meantime we also have Mass by Father Eldracher who comes over from Melbourne.He celebrates Mass at Eva's home . It is a good arrangement having lost the troublemakerswho didn't know what it was to be catholic.

Here I would just like to stress what it means to be be a true catholic. Do not be judgemental ( Very hard for the likes of me) Love everyone even though they annoy you. Be charitable and forgiving. Help eachother as much as possible within your means and give to the priest so that he can continue his mission , which is to save souls. Saving souls is the prime objective of the Catholic Church. Now I wish to advice you that I have written a book titled "SCOPOLAUST" (Short for Scotland,Poland,Australia. It is an autobiography with a difference. It's fun to read and is not politically correct. It describes my catholic upbringing and many adventures during my travels. You need to Google "Scopolaust and then scroll down til you come to the You Tube video clip. View the video and then buy the book. You can choose any format you like but the cheapest version is the e-book at $4.00. Do buy it and help our Veterans . Part proceeds go to the Vietnam Veterans Federation (South Australia Branch)

I also support our priests so please circulate the details among your family, friends and enemies

May God Bless you all

You can reach me on +61 8 83871311 or Mobile 0409 902 011

I am also interested in History, Politics and Social Justice. I am a Vietnam Veteran and a member of the Vietnam Veteran's Federation. Also I am a member of the RSL located next door to our Federation Please e-mail if you want to discuss or chat about anything in English or Polish. br>
Also - please sign my guestbook. It allows me to keep track ofDon't forget to check out the other sites.


DISCLAIMER ! Please note that I do not officially represent any of the organisations listed in my pages. These are simply provided for information. EXTRA ECCLESIA NULLA SALUS !!!

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