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Known Hidden Tracks

Below is the list of known Hidden Tracks.  As always, additions and corrections are ENCOURAGED.

Please send in these 4 things:   1) Band or Artist   2) Album Title   3) Song Title   4) How to find it.

GROUP                CD                           SONG                          WHERE IS IT?

[compilation]        No Alternative               Verse Chorus Verse(Nirvana)   Track #19
[compilation]        Songs In The Key of X        ???                           rewind past track #1
[compilation]        Twisted Willie               a conversation between Willie at 2:45 before track #1
                                                   -Nelson and Waylon Jennings 
Lazlso Bane          11 Transistor                Prada Wallet                  end of the last track
Beck                 Mutations                    Diamond Bullocks              after last track
Ben Folds Five       Whatever and Ever, Amen      ???                           after last track
Better Than Ezra     Deluxe                       ???                           after the last song
Better Than Ezra     < 2nd album >                ???                           before the first song
Blind Melon          Soup                         ???                           before track #1
Bottle Rockets       Leftovers (EP)               (Cricket Solo)                Track #9
Edie Brickell        Shooting Rubber Bands at     I Do                          ???
   -& New Bohemians      -The Stars
Bryds                Notorious Byrd Bros.         (in the studio fight)         ???
Cowboy Junkies       200 More Miles (disc 2)      ???                           Track #10
Counting Crowes      Across a Wire (disc 2)       Chelsea
Cracker              Kerosene Hat                 Eurotrash Girl                Track #69
                                                  Ride My Bike                  Track #88
                                                  Kerosene Hat (live)           Track #99
Cracker              Gentlemen's Blues            Cinderella                    after last track
Danzig               Danzig 4                     (demon chanting)              Track #66
Danzig               Thrall                       Mother 93 Remix               Track #93
Def Leppard          Retroactive                  Miss You in a Heart Beat      Track #14
Deftones             Around the Fur               ???                           10 minutes after last track
Derailers            Reverb Deluxe                Rasberry Baret                ???
Dramarama            Vinyl                        Steve is Here                 Tracks 12-99 (brutal on shuffle!)
Dramarama            Hi-Fi Sci-Fi                 The Hey Grandpa Song          Track #13
John Easdale         The Bright Side              Piss Take                     Listed as Track #12, but its Track #23
Extreme              Waiting For The Punchline    Waiting For The Punchline     after the last track
Fight                War of Words                 Jesus Saves                   after the last song
Galactic Cowboys     Space in Your Face           Still Life of Peace           Track #32
Garcia/Grisman       Shady Grove                  Hesitation Blues              Track #13 @ 5:55
Gear Daddies         Billy's Live Bait            I Want to Drive the Zamboni   at the end of the last track
Geraldine Fibber     Geraldine Fibbers            Blue Cross                    Track #6 @ 14:34
Goldfinger           Hang-ups                     Chris Cayton                  A few minutes after the last song
                                                  (30 second live clip)         a little while after the first secret song ends
Green Day            Dookie                       All By Myself                 After the last song
Grievous Angels      New City of Sin              Bodies                        About 10 minutes into the last track
Bob Incubus          Science                      (bass & DJ jam)               After the last track
Bob Incubus          Enjoy Incubus                (bass & DJ jam)               After the last track
Joe Henry            Kindness of the World        Ghost                         30 seconds after Track #11
John Hiatt           Walk On                      You Are My Life               Track #14
Jackopierce          First Hour                   Trails                        end of the last track
Jars of Clay         Jars of Clay                 ???                           6 minutes into Track #10
Journey              Trial By Fire                Baby I'm leaving you          ???
Lucy Kaplansky       ???                          ???                           before track #1
Bap Kennedy          Domestic Blues               Dirty Old Town                Track #12 @ 9:56
Kiss                 Destroyer                    Rock and Roll Party           After the last song
Kiss                 Music From the Elder         (Conversation with Morpheous) Track #12
Korn                 Korn                         (10 minutes of dialog)        Approx 5 min. after last track
Korn                 Life Is Peachey              Twist                         Approx 5 min. after last track
Kris Kristoffersons  A Moment of Forever          "foreword" spoken by kris     Rewind past 0 of the first track
Live                 ???                          Horse into my Head            ???
Jack Logan           Mood Elevator                ???                           2 minutes after the last song
Lyle Lovett          The Road to Ensenada         The Girl in the Corner        5 minutes after the last song
Magnapop             Rubbing Doesn't Help         ???                           at the end of Track #13
Marah                Lets Cut the Crap and Hook   Punk Rock Radio               About 10 minutes into the last track
                       Up Later On Tonight                                         (after the bagpipes)
Aimee Mann           I'm With Stupid              (misc. sound bites)           end of the last track
Marilyn Manson       Smells Like Children         (some kind of synth-filteres) at the end of the last track
Dave Matthews        Remember                     (thunderstorms)               at the end of the last track
Sarah McLachlan      Fumbling Towards Ecstasy     Possession on Solo Piano      after last track
John Cougar          Big Daddy                    Let It All Hang Out           a few seconds after last track
Alanis Morisette     Jagged Little Pill           Forgive Me Love?              after last track
Mother Hips          Shootout                     ???                           Track #14
Nine Inch Nails      Broken                       Physical (you're so)          Track #98
                                                  Suck                          Track #99
Nirvana              Nevermind *                  Endless, Nameless             13 minutes after the last track
Nirvana              In Utero #                   Gallons & Gallons of Rubbing  20 minutes after All Apologies                  
                                                   -Alcohol Flowing Down the Strip
Offspring            Ignition                     Come Out and Play remix       8 minutes after the end of the last track
Old 97s              Hitchike to Rhome            Tupelo County Jail            6 or 7 minutes after last track
Ozzy Osbourne        No Rest For the Wicked       ???                           Track #9
Pavement             Cut Your Hair (single)       "movie music"                 a few seconds after "Stare"
Pearl Jam            Ten                          Master/Slave                          About 20 sec. after "Release"
Perfect              When Squirrels Play Chicken  Crockodile Rock               30 seconds after Track #6
Tom Petty            Full Moon Fever              Hello CD Listeners            ???
Pushstars            Meeting At The Fair          ???                           10 minutes after Track #14
Ramones              Adios Amigos                 Spiderman                     shows up a bit after the last song
Red Five             Flash                        ???                           end of the last track
Mercury Rev          Yourself Is Steam            ???                           spread out over 70 4 second track
                                                  Car Wash Hair                 Track #99
Patti Rothberg       Between The 1 & 9            Between The 1 & 9             Track #19
Samples              Outpost                      When its Raining              ???
Shaver               Highway of Life              ???                           Rewind from the first track
Michelle Shocked     Short Sharp Shocked          Fogtown                       Track #11
Todd Snider          Songs For The Daily Planet   Talking Seattle Blues         ???
Social Distortion    White Heat White Light       Under My Thumb                Track #13
                        -White Trash
Soul Asylum          Hang Time                    Put the Bone In               Track #13
Spacehog             Resident Alien               (an odd menage of sounds...)  after the last song
Sponge               Wax Ecstatic                 Imagine You                   after last track
Sponge               Rotting Pinata               ???                           after last track
Spoon                Soft Effects ep *            (2 songs???)                  at the end
Stone Temple Pilots  Purple                       12 Gracious Melodies          About 5 min. after "Blood Milk + Sky"
Stuttering John      Stuttering John              Let Me Be                     7 minutes after the last song
Sugar                Copper Blue                  (keyboard instumental)        after last track
Supersuckers         (the new one)                Supersucker Drive-By Blues    ???
Tarnation            Mirardor                     ???                           Track #13
                                                  ???                           6 minutes after Track #13
They Might Be Giants Factory Showroom             Token Back to Brooklyn        before track #1 
311                  Music                        Fuck the Bullshit             ???
311                  Transistor                   Intro                         rewind past 0 on the first track to 1:40 seconds
Tool                 Undertow                     Disgustipated                 Track #69 is listed as Track #10
Tool                 Opiate                       The Gaping Lotus Experience   ???
Toto                 Tambu ***                    Blackeye                      ???      
Whiskeytown          Rural Free Delivery **       Nervous Breakdown             go backwards 3:20 from the second track
Whiskeytown          Faithless Street             ???                           8 minutes into the last track
White Zombie         Astro Creep 200              ???                           About 5 min. after "Blood Milk + Sky"
Widespread Panic     Ain't Life Grand             Waiting For The Wind...       Track #11 @ 7:21
ZZ Top               Eliminator                   (endless loop of "Oh Mercy"   at the end of the last track

Thanks for all your input folks!!!

Note:  CDs purchased through popular music clubs run a high risk of NOT containing ANY hidden tracks!

*   Only some of these albums have the hidden track
**  Some of these cd's have this track listed
*** Diferent hidden track on US release
#   European version of the album


Last Updated: 04/29/99