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Picture by Craig HinesWell, you've reached the redone site of KoroBrown Software. We make games for fun, and for you, the valued customer (snicker), using mainly the program Klik N' Play. You can check out our newest and most successful game, South Park: Avenging Kenny's Death, here. Why make a South Park game, you may ask? Well, why not? Might as well. People seem to like it, and it's gotten over a hundred thousand downloads at (we're very proud of that :).

Choppy the Porkchop! Choppy the Porkchop is pretty much the mascot for KoroBrown Software. He made his big debut in 1995 with "Choppy the Porkchop". "Choppy the Porkchop 2" is also now available. Somewhere, there, in the far off distance, way far off in space is Choppy in Space. It will be written in "C" probably, with 3d graphics done in Simply 3D. We are aiming to make this our best game ever. He'll probably end up here someday...
Latest news

June, 1999- We should have all games and programs back up online soon!

April, 1999- Craig Hines has graciously donated some of his webspace to host Avenging Kenny's Death, so you'll be able to download it from here. We're still looking for a stable download host, so if you'd like to provide some webspace, we'd really appreciate it! E-mail us and maybe we'll be able to work out some kind of promotional deal.

March, 1999- We're having some problems with our hosts, so downloading our games at the moment might not be possible. We're trying to resolve this as quickly as possible.


We'd just like to draw attention to a certain group of plagiarizing thieving kiddies. They call themselves "4 Krazy Guys" , and apparently they were crazy enough to take Avenging Kenny's Death, edit it, and change all the KoroBrown Software logos to their own. They then posted it on their website, claiming it was their creation. Ha! We contacted the creator of another game these crazy crooks ripped off, Alien Escape!, and he's not too happy about it either. We invite you to e-mail these guys and voice your displeasure. We are considering legal action.

January, 1999- Not much to report. Work is coming along slowly on Avening Kenny's Death 2. We've got a lot of ideas but not much actual programming done. If there's any major new developments on this I'll be sure to post them here.

We received word from Joswes Oliveira that our site appeared in a Brazilian magazine called "Info-Exame". Cool :)

It's possible that we're working on a sequel to Avenging Kenny's Death...

We have a new addition to KoroBrown Software! Craig Hines will be helping out with graphics on future projects. Check out a sample of his work here.

We have many games available on our Download page. We currently have 5 games and two programs available, and we're always working away at something. We have sort of a crazy sense of humour, as you'll see by our games (i.e. Cheese in Space, T.V. Man), but we like them.

And as you can see by the graphics on this page, Luke has been screwing around with his new graphics program, Simply 3D 2. We'll be implementing it for many of our games to come.

New! Version 1.0 alpha of Ian's simple scripting language "Fowl" is now available for download! Please keep in mind that this is a very early version. Click hereto get it.

We thought this was pretty funny. Apparently someone dropped a huge Internet Explorer icon on Netscape's lawn, but Netscape sure turned the table on whomever is was that did it. Of course, there's no way to prove who did it, and we aren't accusing anyone :) Check out the url for the full story!

Check it out! Tons of midi files.