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Franzl II von Jedlesee

The Classical Sound
Great Live Radio
CFMX 96.3 Toronto
me Gute Laune durch
Froehliche Musik
Radio Herz

Don't expect a perfect translation,
it's done by a computer :-)

A few things about me ...

If I am online, click on cam and you may see me live!

There are also the following links for you:

  1. My old Junior Highschool in Vienna is now the Franz Jonas Europaschule
  2. Check out the International Forum for Social and Democratic Strategies, my latest online project IFSDS and join!
  3. Many of my web pages are at Tripod. Only this one is at AngelFire
  4. A great chat site for you younge folks is Palace4All
  5. One of the best web cam chat sites is WebCamNow - it's FREE
  6. A valuable service to investors is the Mutual Fund Library and iMoney
  7. A great LINK for Traders and Investors - so check it out
  8. The Austrian Genealogy e-Group has a lot of great resources and is a super support group
  9. Sign up for the InterPRO e-Group
  10. Club Austria ... take a look!
  11. The SailingAdventures Group - for sailors from near and far!

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