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Fresh Pics

Cream Cream



Cream photographed during the Wrapping Paper sessions.

Eric           Eric

Jack Bruce Jack Bruce
World War One flying ace Jack Bruce with Eric in the studio for Fresh Cream. Note that Jack is still fond of his upright bass.
Above photos; David Stanford.

auto An autographed promotional photo of Cream.

Cream toured the U.K. extensively promoting their upcoming album, Fresh Cream.

This shot is from one of their many club dates. It was taken on August 16, during their first gig at the Marquee.

Note that in these early shows, Ginger's name still appears on his bass drum.
In time, it would be replaced with the Cream logo.

Photo; Brian Shuel.


Cream play the Marquee Club, August 16, 1966. (Photo; David Stanford).

rescanJack and Eric share the mike for a performance of I Feel Free.

Cream performed the song for the BBC television series 'Ready Steady Go' during the latter part of 1966.

The show was broadcast live every Friday night.

Photos; London Features International Ltd.


Another visit to 'Ready Steady Go'.

Jack and Eric "warm up" before going on.

At this point in time Jack is still playing his six string bass. Jack played six strings
with the Graham Bond Organisation, because the 'Organisation' didn't have a guitarist,
and having a six stringed bass allowed Jack to do some "guitar like" things.
Eventually, Jack would go to the standard four string bass.

Photo; Dezo Hoffman.


Cream in Paris, 1966.


Cream perform I Feel Free on the BBC's Top of the Pops, in January of 1967. Notice that Ginger is up front, with Jack and Eric behind.
This was in keeping with the very concept of the band. Cream were three musicians of equal stature. (Photos; Tony Gale).


Above photo taken by Phillip Godfrey, Jack Bruce's father-in-law, at one of Cream's earliest gigs in London.

Jack Bruce Eric Eric


In February of 1967, Cream embarked on a short tour of Germany. By March, they had moved on to Denmark and Sweden.
These photos, I believe, were taken in Sweden. (Photos; Jan Persson).

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