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Days Gone By

The supernova that was Cream expired as the band left the stage at the Royal Albert Hall on that November night of 1968. Still, there was money to be made, and the goose that had
laid so many golden eggs was not to be killed off so easily.
In November of 1969, Best of Cream was released. I bought the album simply because it contained I Feel Free which had not been included on the Canadian version of Fresh Cream.
The next two albums, however, are treasures. If their release was motivated by greed, Cream fans can only bemoan the fact that the record execs haven't been even more greedy over
the years!

Live Cream

In June of 1970, Live Cream was released.

All of the tracks were recorded during the initial stage of the group's second American tour.

Rollin' and Tumblin' was recorded March 7,1968, from that night's first show at the Fillmore.

At the Winterland, Sleepy Time Time was recorded from the first show on March 9, and Sweet Wine from the first
show on March 10, (the same show from which Wheels of Fire's, Spoonful and Crossroads were taken).

N.S.U. is from the second show of that night.

A studio version of Lawdy Mama, recorded during the Disraeli Gears sessions at Atlantic Studios, was tossed in as

In June of 1972, Live Cream Volume II was released. Coming as it did, three and a half years after the breakup of the
band, it was released with little fanfare or promotion. Die hard Cream fans, however, were delighted to find a "new"
Cream album on the shelves!
Three of the songs were recorded at the Winterland, in March,'68. (Cream's second U.S.tour).
Sunshine of Your Love is taken from the second show, March 9.
Tales of Brave Ulysses is from the first show, March 10, while Steppin' Out is from the second show of that same night.
It is interesting to note that the original pressing of the album incorrectly lists the song as Freddie King's Hideaway.
Subsequent re-issues of the album would correct the error. It's odd that the mistake would have been made in the first
place. Clapton had played Hideaway with the Bluesbreakers, but Cream never recorded the number, while Steppin' Out
had been a staple of Cream's live set from the very early days of the band.
The other three songs on the album, White Room, Politician and Deserted Cities of the Heart, were all recorded at the
Oakland Coliseum on October 4, during the farewell tour.
On this night in Oakland, fans were given an unexpected surprise. Cream did not play Toad, choosing instead to play
Passing the Time with a drum solo! The number wasn't a great success. Ginger's solo was fine, but Jack and Eric were
clearly out of sync. When it was over, Ginger apologized for "being a bit rusty".

Cream would, from time to time, stray from their "set list". On March 8, at the Winterland they played Cat's Squirrel, a
number that they often played in the early days, but rarely did in America.
We're Going Wrong and Deserted Cities of the Heart are also examples of songs that the band would occasionally slip
into their set.


Twenty-five years after the release of Live Cream Volume II, Polygram threw Cream fans a bone by featuring a previously unreleased performance of N.S.U. in the four C.D. Those
Were the Days package. The number which appears on Those Were the Days was recorded on March 9, one night earlier than the version of N.S.U. on Live Cream.


More Cream!!!

In April of 2003 Polydor UK released BBC Cream! The CD contains numbers the band recorded at "the Beeb" from November '66 through January '68. Of the twenty two numbers,
only two have been previously released, those on the Eric Clapton Crossroads box.
Among the highlights are a version of I'm So Glad that features Eric's riff from the 1812 Overture, and the very first recording of Politician, which contains an extra verse!
Kudos to producer Bill Levenson, Polydor UK, and any one who had anything to do with the release of this treasure!

For Cream fans, this is a MUST!!!



Photo Credits; Live Cream; cover photo, Stephen Paley
Live Cream Vol.II; cover photo, Jim Marshall.
Cream; Cream prepare to say goodbye, London Features International.
BBC cover; Michael Ochs Archives

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