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Imports and Boots

Here is a partial listing of unofficial releases of Cream recordings.

Cream Rock and Blues
Black Panther BPCD 015

1) NSU (Jack Bruce) 3:47
2) Steppin' Out (James Braken) 3:41
3) Traintime (Jack Bruce) 5:05
4) Toad (Ginger Baker) 6:26
5) I'm So Glad (Skip James) 4:26

Recorded live in Stockholm 7 March 1967

6) Sleepy Time Time (Godfrey- Bruce) 6:50
7) Tales of Brave Ulysses (Clapton- Sharp) 4:43
8) Crossroads (Robert Johnson) 4:08
9) We're Going Wrong (Jack Bruce) 6:52

Recorded live in San Francisco 7 March 1968

Cream Secret History
Double CD bootleg consisting of outtakes from the FRESH CREAM sessions as well as various BBC live sessions.

Eric Clapton's Cream
Single CD consisting of Cream's BBC radio sessions.

Stepping Stones Part 1
Single CD featuring some soundboard tracks from Cream's LA Forum show in October 1968. Also has the first part of a Blind Faith concert in Gothenburg in June 1969.


Cream Creamer
1) White Room
2) Crossroads
3) Sunshine of Your Love
Recorded live at the L.A. Forum, October 18 or 19, 1968.
4) Traintime
5) Toad
6) Spoonful
Recorded live at San Diego Sports Arena, October 20, 1968.
7) I'm So Glad
Recorded live at Oakland Arena, October 4, 1968.

Change of Address
Single compilation CD consisting of rare numbers by Cream, Blind Faith, Derek And The Dominoes and Eric's solo years.


Double Live CD

1) Tales of Brave Ullysses
2) NSU
3) Sitting on Top of the World
4) Sweet Wine
5) Rollin' and Tumblin'
6) Spoonful
7) Steppin' Out
8) Traintime
9) Toad
10) I' So Glad
11) Sunshine of Your Love (From the Smother's Brothers Show)
12) Spoonful

Cream: Farewell Concert
Pigeon Inc. GIG-02

Soundtrack of the Farewell Concert film, recorded November 26,1968, at the Royal Albert Hall.
(Monophonic recording)

1) White Room (6:18)
2) Politician (6:14)
3) Crossroads (4:19)
4) Steppin' Out (3:27)*
5) Sitting on Top of the World (4:39)
6) Spoonful (12:14)**
7) Toad (9:26)***
8) Sunshine of Your Love (5:49)
9) I'm So Glad (7:02)

*) Starts abruptly, plays for only 3:27 on a number that normally ran ten minutes or longer.
**) Fades out after second verse, begins narration from the concert video, comes back to play remainder of song.
***) Intro missing, starts 8-10 seconds before drum solo and plays to end.

Cream: The Alternative Album; Masterplan 1992

Most of the C.D. features alternate takes from the 'Fresh Cream' sessions.
Lawdy Mama is from the 'Disraeli Gears' sessions, and from the IBC Studios (London) sessions for 'Wheels of Fire', are takes of Fallstaff Beer, (recorded for a beer commercial) and a very different version of White Room.
1) Lawdy Mama
2) Rollin' and Tumblin'
3) Sweet Wine
4) Cat's Squirrel
5) The Coffee Song
6) Toad
7) You Make Me Feel
8) Wrapping Paper
9) Fallstaff Beer
10) I Feel Free
11) White Room

Cream: Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

Just about every outake and alternate ever recorded! It includes the rehearsals and performance from their Hall of Fame induction. Four CD's, and a great buy, if you can find it!

Did I say this is a partial listing ? Fact is, this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as Cream's
bootlegs are concerned. If you're interested in a really comprehensive list then check out the Slowhand Bootography

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