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On the Road to Dreams


Although most sources report that Cream's "warm up" show at the Twisted Wheel took place on Friday, July 29, their itinerary shows that they
actually played the club on Saturday, the 30th, just one night prior to their Windsor "debut".


The band was paid £75 to play two thirty minute shows, but it clearly was a long night!

Oh, yes, Good Luck!

Ginger      Jack


Cream's first show, Saturday, July 30, 1966.
Photos; Bill Armstrong.

“Redfern”height=694      “Redfern”height=694


Eric and Ginger at Cream's official debut, July 31, 1966. (Photos; David Redfern)

Marquee      Jack Marquee

Marquee Club

Marquee  Eric Marquee


Tuesday, August 16, Cream play to a packed house on a steamy summer's night at the Marquee Club in Soho, central London.
For this, the first of many shows to come at the Marquee, Cream break the club's attendance record.
According to Record Mirror over one thousand people are turned away at the door. (Photographer Unknown)

Marquee      Marquee
More nights at the Marquee Club. ( Photo left; Chris Campbell.)


Cream perform at the Double Giant Freak-Out Ball, The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, December 30, 1966.
Photo; Val Wilmer.

Starlite Ballroom      Jack

Starlite Ballroom2


Cream at the Starlite Ballroom in Greenford, west London, February 19, 1967.
Although not advertised, Mick Taylor and The Gods play support to Cream.

Beat Club

Friday, February 24, 1967, Cream flies to Bremen, West Germany, to tape a mimed version of 'I Feel Free' for the popular pop show 'Beat Club'.




Cream play the Star Club, Hamburg, West Germany, on Saturday, February 25.
Above photo: Jan Persson.

Falkoner Hall

Cream play the Falkoner Centret, Copenhagen, Denmark, on Monday, March 6, 1967. (Photo; Jan Persson).
A day earlier, the band had been denied entry to the country, as they were deemed to be"undesirables".
They were detained for three hours at Kastrup Airport before finally being allowed to enter the country.

“Ginger”height=588   “Ginger”height=588
Ginger in Copenhagen, Denmark, March 6, 1967. The photos were taken during the afternoon rehearsal. (Photos; Jan Persson )



“Denmark”height=870   “Denmark”height=870

Four more photos from Falkoner Centret. (Photos; Jørgen Jessen).

“Wembley”height=459   “Wembley”height=459



On Sunday, April 16, 1967, Cream play at the Empire Pool, in Wembley.
The charity event was promoted by The Daily Express. Both Eric and Jack play their Fool painted guitars.
Cream was forced to leave the stage after only two numbers, as Jack blew his amp!

Ricky Tick

Eric, with Cream, at the Ricky Tick Club, Saturday, April 22, 1967.
The band plays one of the first performances of Sunshine of Your Love.
(Photographer unknown)

Swan Hotel

Ginger at The Swan, a small pub in Birmingham, Sunday, May 7, 1967. (Photo; Brian Ridge)
Earlier in the day they had played at the Empire Pool in Wembley, London.

More from The Swan

Herford Herford


The Jaguar Club, Herford, Germany, Sunday, May 21, 1967.




Cream performing at the Barbeque 67 music festival at the Tulip Bulb Auction Hall in Spalding, Lincolnshire on 29th May 1967.
Also known as the Spalding Rock Festival, The Move, Pink Floyd and The Jimi Hendrix Experience were also on the bill.
The event was advertised nationally, with thousands making their way to the market town and resulting in radio appeals for people to turn back.
The attendance was estimated between 4,000 and 6,000 with twice as many unable to gain entry. Tickets to attend the event cost just £1.
(Photos by George Elderton/Paul Popper)

Palais      Palais

“Palais”height=580   “Palais”height=580

Cream performing at the First International Festival of Pop Music, June 1, 1967.
(Photos: Dezo Hoffmann).

Ian Amey
Eric with Ian Amey, backstage at the First International Festival of Pop Music,
Palais des Sports, Paris, France, June 1, 1967.


Windsor SecondWindsor

Racecourse “Racecourse”height=800


Sunday, August 13, 1967, Cream return to the site of their debut at the Royal Windsor Racecourse.


Cream began their first tour of America on August 22, at Bill Graham's Fillmore Auditorium.

Three dollars was enough to buy a ticket, and the place was packed to the rafters.
The Fillmore was sold out for five straight nights, after which Bill Graham gave
each member of the band a gold watch.

The band's stay was then extended from August 29 to September 3.

(In July of 1968, Bill Graham abandoned the Fillmore Auditorium and bought the nearby
Carousel Ballroom. The Carousel was subsequently renamed the Fillmore West, in order
to differentiate it from Graham's Fillmore East in New York City's East Village.
Both venues were closed in July of 1971).

Fillmore Fillmore


August 29, 1967, Cream play the Fillmore. (Photos; Ted Streshinsky).

Whisky a GoGo

Whisky a GoGo      GoGo
Beginning Tuesday, September 26, Cream played three nights at the Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles.

“Whisky”height=750   “Whisky”height=750

“ECPaisly”height=750   “EJPaisly”height=750
Another night at the Whisky A Go Go. Eric has a smoke while Ginger plays Toad.
Jack is barely visible behind him. (Four photos above: Ed Caraeff)

Psychedelic Supermarket

An underground parking garage next to Boston University is hastily converted into The Psychedelic Supermarket.
Cream played the venue from September 8 through to the 15th.
Photo: Ken Melville.


Village      VillageTheater


Saturday, September 23, Cream play two shows at the Village Theater in New York. (Photos; Jeffrey Mayer).

GoGo Jack Cafe a GoGo

“EricGoGo”height=465   “CreGoGo”height=465

Cafe a GoGo


Between September 26 and October 8, 1967, Cream played twelve nights at the Café au Go Go in New York.
Photos: Don Paulsen

Grande Ballroom Grande Ballroom

Grande Ballroom

Beginning October 13 Cream played three nights at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit.

RomanosGinger      RomanosJack

RomanosEric      Romanosleaving

Romano's Ballroom, Belfast, Ireland, Thursday, November 2, 1967.
It is quite possible that Rory Gallagher's band, Taste, was the opening act.
The photos were taken by Rory's brother, Donal.


Falkonerteatret, Copenhagen, Denmark, Sunday, November 12, 1967. (Photo; Knud Henrichsen).

Copenhagan      Copenhagan


Another three from the Falkonerteatret, Sunday, November 12, 1967. (Photos; Bent Rej).


Unknown venue, mid to late 1967.

Sweden      Sweden


Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, Tuesday, November 14, 1967.

“Sweden”height=864   “Sweden”height=864

Unknown venue, possibly Sweden, November, 1967.

Eric EricandGinger

Photo left;
Wednesday, November 15, 1967, Cream play the Circus, Liseberg, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Photo right;
Three nights later they play the Idrottshuset, Örebro, Sweden.

Photo; Bengt Skogberg.