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Reunion at Madison Square Garden

Do You Want To Do It Again?

On the heels of four hugely successful nights at Londonís Royal Albert Hall, and after much speculation, the eagerly anticipated Cream reunion landed in New York for three
exclusive nights at Madison Square Garden. In what was to be their only appearance in the U.S., Cream played Madison Square Garden, October 24th, 25th and 26th, 2005.
Personally, I didn't think they would travel across the pond to do any U.S. shows. Of course, I've been wrong before, (at least, once that I can remember).
Perhaps the money was just too much to turn down, or maybe the band felt a debt of gratitude to the nation that had launched them into the stratosphere of superstardom.
Then again, maybe they just enjoyed being together on stage again, and didn't want it all to come to an end.
For whatever the reason, Eric, Jack and Ginger took to the stage at M.S.G. and Cream fans showed their appreciation by packing the cavernous Gardens.
The venue was not as intimate as the Albert Hall, and no doubt, the acuostics were not as good, but the New York audience were given an added treat. Cream played Tales of Brave
Ulysses, a song that they had not played in London.




Cream may be prepared to reform yet again for a handful of concerts, according to Jack. He now maintains that he, Eric and Ginger are talking about the possibility of performing a
limited number of shows.
Jack says, "What we feel is that it's so special, and also so emotionally draining that it's not something we could do every day.
We will play more, but where and when I'm not at liberty to say."

Jack made the announcement prior to the Grammy Awards, where the trio picked up a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ginger, however, appears to be less keen on the idea.
Ginger insists he will never agree to another reunion because he can't stand to be on the same stage as Jack. Ginger says that Jack has a Jekyll and Hyde personality, and while
London was great, New York was, well, less so!
Ginger says, "When he's Dr. Jekyll, he's fine, it's when he's Mr. Hyde that he's not... I tell you this, there won't ever be anymore Cream gigs because he did Mr. Hyde in New York
last year. He shouted at me on stage and turned up his bass so loud that he deafened me on the first gig. That was the end... The Albert Hall gig was like 1966, wonderful. And the
first night in New York, Jack became Mr Hyde. He sort of took over, and he played so loud it was ridiculous".

New York

Cream, October 25, at Madison Square Garden.


Above photo © Copyright 2005, Steve Proctor.

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