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Madison Square Garden


Cream, backstage at Madison Square Garden.
Photos: Jeffrey Mayer / Starfile

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Cream at Madison Square Garden, November 2, 1968. Stephen Paley's photo (at left) was used for the cover of Live Cream.


Eric, under the bright lights at MSG. He played the Firebird, as he would in the first of the Royal Albert Hall shows.

MSGJack Jack plays Traintime at the Garden.

Interviewed in the year 2000, for Chris Welch's book Cream Jack recalls;

"At Madison Square Garden they brought the Kennedy kids to meet us, and you'de get paraplegics to touch.
It didn't fit very well with my ideals.

We became a sort of show, something that people come to see rather than to listen to. It all sounds a bit precious now, but at
the time there were some ideals going around, about changing the world for the better, and I got caught up in that, I guess.

We did get platinum discs presented to us at the Garden. I remember bringing mine back to England, proudly, and they wanted
me to pay duty on it! Typically British. I did once take down one of our gold discs to see if it would actually play, and it was
Louis Armstrong backwards".


Photo; Michael Geary.


Photo: VDL / Starfile



Bob Moncour has saved his ticket stub for all these years!

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