My Danny Elfman Shrine
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My Danny Elfman Shrine/Link Page

Thanks for checkin out my little Oingo Boingo/Danny Elfman Page! Its not much but thats not important.Whats important is Creating your own little place where you can celebrate Things that are important to you and you alone.Everyone should have a place like this.I know what your thinking,"So,whats the big deal? its only music."Well, to lots of people its not just music.And to Me its much,much more!The themes and music Danny Elfman has brought to the world has changed my life forever.His Darkened maddness reaches far beyond imagination,rebellion,love,hatred and everything in between.Only a true Danny Elfman Worshipper can understand what I mean.His inspiration is immortal,timeless and unstoppable.So this is my way of thanking Danny for Helping me have the courage to be myself.And for all of you who feel the same way I do,My love will always be yours.Our people will always be joined as one,Even though we are miles apart! Keep making your dreams come true!Love,EdAlchemist =================================================================== By the way,Sorry I dont have a guest Book,But if you would like to respond to me,just send to the hotmail address at the bottom of this page,I would love to hear from all of you.

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