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Health Awareness - Prenatal Diagnosis

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No doubt, you have come to this website seeking information regarding prenatal diagnosis and your options. This webpage was set up to provide positive, life-affirming alternatives to the option (abortion) which the medical community offers to women facing a negative prenatal diagnosis. We are women who have also been given a negative prenatal diagnosis, but who have carried our babies to term, sometimes with surprising results! See the links below for the individual stories on our site.

We also provide useful, related links on this page, as well as more on the other pages of our site which contain our personal stories. In addition, we have examples on our site of some of the pressures women face, from medical personnel and friends, when a negative prenatal diagnosis is received. To go to that page, Click Here

Also be sure to visit our page about making your decision after a negative prenatal diagnosis. To access that page, click here.

We also have a page where comments from visitors to our site are posted. Click here to access that page.

The primary colors of the opening page of this website were chosen because black and white represent the fact that when it comes to the lives and well-being of our children, there are no "grey areas". This is a "black and white" issue! The color green was chosen for the links on this page because green is the color representing life, fertility and new beginnings. Each child conceived represents life, beauty and God's continued hopes for the human race--no matter how "defective" or "imperfect" that child may seem to be to some. Each child conceived is God's love letter to the world.

If you have not yet had prenatal testing performed and are a parent-to-be, please consider this: There are some people who believe that prenatal testing is justified even if the parents would not abort their unborn child. This is one way of viewing such testing. However, when a negative diagnosis comes back, many doctors will pressure expectant parents to abort, or will give pessimistic information in an attempt to persuade you to abort. This website is an effort to counter this misinformation. Keep in mind also, that NOTHING in life is guaranteed. Prenatal tests can only diagnose a small percentage of all the known birth defects, primarily Down Syndrome, spina bifida and a few other disorders/disabilities. The vast majority of defects cannot be detected by any medical test. Ask yourself this too: if you would consider aborting your child if a defect could be determined in utero, how would you feel if your child turned out to have a birth defect several years after birth? This also can happen, and often does. There are no guarantees: going outside with an umbrella does not guarantee you will not get wet; being pregnant does not assure you will have a living child; having prenatal testing done which comes back normal still does not assure that you will have a healthy child; medicine is not an exact science and nothing in life is given to us with a guarantee.

Please be sure to visit all the links below, but especially The Michael Fund. This fund was established as a life-affirming alternative to abortion-supporting organizations such as the March of Dimes.

The work of the Michael Fund strives to balance the scales in favor of disabled unborn children. The late Dr Jerome Lejeune, the scientist who discovered the extra chromosome relative to Down Syndrome, was a long-time friend and supporter of the Michael Fund. Dr Lejeune was horrified at how his discovery was being used by the medical community and parents to end the lives of disabled unborn children before birth. Please support the Michael Fund! And remember, ALWAYS see the PERSON behind the disability! Negative attitudes toward disabled persons leads to pre-meditated death in the womb for those less than "perfect". To read enlightening articles about this issue,click here and here

The entire content of this website (except for personal stories, which are copyrighted by the individual authors and may not be used without their direct permission) is copyright 1997-2000 by PRENATAL DIAGNOSIS: INFORMATION & PERSONAL STORIES, and may not be reproduced in any form, or linked to, without express written consent of its creator. All rights reserved. Thank you!

Due to family and other responsibilities, on 31 March 1998 Numberlady permanently turned the administration of this website over to a new webmistress (Marion). The e-mail contact address for this site and the URL remain the same.

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This homepage established May 20, 1997

THIS SITE LAST UPDATED: April, 2000 (New personal stories and new visitor's comments added)

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