Contact the NOFC

Please feel free to email the administrator of the NOFC (Noreen Romano) at
if you have any questions, problems with the website or any of its components, or just want to say hi.

A few tips:

Please understand that this is not NIGEL'S personal email account.
He does not have access to it, and thus cannot read the emails in it until Noreen forwards them.

Media requests: PLEASE NOTE: Nigel is not granting any interviews at this time,
at the request of Elton's management.

Please DO NOT send attachments of any kind, unless you contact Noreen beforehand and ascertain that this is alright.

Please do not send ticket or backstage pass requests, and/or messages for Elton or any other band members.
We do not handle email for anyone besides Nigel. Email for Elton John should be directed to his official website.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.