Drum Clinic

Nashville Percussion Institute
September 29, 1999

Nigel's drum kit on stage at the Nashville Percussion Institute
© Brooke Murphy/NOFC

Close-up shot of Nigel's trademark logo on the kick drum
© Brooke Murphy/NOFC

In between numbers, Nigel took time to answer questions from the audience
about his drum kit and his career.
© Brooke Murphy/NOFC

Nigel performed many Elton John songs during the evening including
"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," "Roy Rogers," and "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me."
© Brooke Murphy/NOFC

In the audience that evening were Johnny Rabb and John Aldridge (editor/publisher of Not So Modern Drummer). Faculty members at the Institute were passing out sets of Nigel's signature series Balistik drumsticks (compliments of Johnny Rabb) before and after the show. Other goodies for audience members included Paiste drumstick key chains, complimentary copies of the Not So Modern Drummer issue featuring Nigel, and Nigel's Dixon promotional posters.