Welcome to Nick's Anime Page!
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Welcome to Nick's Anime Page!

Welcome to my Anime page!

I recently started watching Anime with a friend , and I love it ! I had seen a lot of American-ized Animation like DBZ and Sailor Moon , but it was to chopped up and not violent enough . Then my best Friend Evan bought a copy of "Ninja Scroll" , and I tell ya , It was pretty good . Real violent , lots of cursing and best of all......nothing was changed at all ! only the voices ! Now heres something I could get into I thought . And I did , since then I have seen "Ninja Scroll" 7 more times , "Ghost in the shell" twice , and my favorite , "Orguss 2" all six parts around 20 times . Well , my page is just starting to develope , I got my first pic on today (Oct.23) , and by the end of the week , I hope to have tons of cool stuff on , so check back alot , and don't forget to bookmark ! BYE !

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check out Ninja Scroll , its awesome !
Ninja Scroll


I loved Orguss 02 . It is awesome .
Orguss 02
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