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RMS Titanic, Inc.

The Unofficial Titanic Home Page has an extensive amount of Titanic knowledge, ranging from biographies of the passengers to a tour of the Titanic, to a number of theories of why the ship sunk. Equally dense with information are In Memoriam: RMS Titanic, which offers similar Titanic facts as well as a chronology of the disaster, and Titanic White Star Line

To see how finances factored into the tragedy, check out Money Management vs. Risk Management. For a technical explanation of why the engines weren't stopped, visit Harland and Wolff's Archives.

Read what critics had to say in an article about the salvage mission in The Irish Times, or check out information about Titanic artifact collecting at the Treasure Hunting site.

Titanic's Final Resting Place, from the Smithsonian's Ocean Planet online exhibit, profiles Robert Ballard and has links to lots of imagery and the lyrics of Titanic songs.

Nick Wilson's Home Page focuses just as much on the Titanic's sister ships, the Olympic and the HMHS Britannic, as the Titanic. The page is filled with facts, theories and photographs.

A history of newspaper coverage on the sinking is presented in the Virginia Newspaper Project's Titanic Exhibit.

For a different look at the mystery of the Titanic, visit Urban Desire's Titanic in Dream & Legend, an art gallery of paintings inspired by the myths that grew up around the disaster.

If you'll be in St. Petersburg, Florida, from November 1997 through May 15, 1998, you may be interested in the Titanic! The Exhibition site, which has information about a downtown display that includes Titanic artifacts.

The Grave of the Titanic, from the Gulf of Maine Aquarium, includes an exercise in calculating the ship's path across the North Atlantic.

by Dr. Robert D. Ballard.
This book will take you to the depths of the Titanic, explain how it was found and what was discovered. An well written book that reads like a great adventure.

Deconstructing the Titanic at Omni Magazine Online
Deconstructing the Titanic is a special presentation of Omni online. Features include an interview with James Cameron, the director of the film Titanic, a virtual walk on Titanic, and a sweepstakes where you can win Titanic coal and other Titanic Merchandise.

Discovery Channel Online's Titanic, Raising a Legend
A great overall site, including daily dispatches and exclusive photos from the 1996 Titanic Research and Recovery Expedition. You can also visit their Titanic on TV section for information on programs and schedules.

Titanic, A James Cameron Film
The film is finally here! Media attention on Titanic is everywhere, including rave reviews and two enthusiastic thumbs up from Siskel and Ebert. The official movie site is here with clips, images, and information from the film.

Countdown to Titanic
With the eagerly awaited motion picture Titanic scheduled for release in December, this site tracks the events surrounding the film. If the film interests you, this site is a must see.

Titanic: A New Musical
Titanic is bigger than ever on Broadway, having won 5 Tony Awards, including that for Best Musical. The official web site is an award winner as well, and worth visiting. You could even win a First Class trip to New York City to see the show by entering their contest!

Mediadome's Titanic Sails Again
A very interactive site that requires several browser plug-ins, but it's worth the download time.

Cyberflix's Titanic: Adventure Out of Time
This is where you can find and learn all about the acclaimed CD-ROM game Titanic: Adventure out of Time.

Macedon Mediature's Titanic
A beautifully constructed site with lots of information and nice imagery. This is one of the nicest Titanic sites on the web.

RMS Titanic:Her Passengers and Crew
Here one can find a complete Titanic passenger and crew list, along with an exceptional links page.

A Tribute to Titanic's Engineers
A wonderfully informative site and memorial to Titanic'sextraordinary engineers. There aren't many images here, but it's well worth the visit nonetheless.

Note from Webmistress: All these links and descriptions have been taken from pages on this list, I do not claim to write them. I'm just a person who has taken interest in this subject.