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Nanotech Immortality

Nano resurrection of embalmed dead in 55-60 years

Resurrection of Atomized
Infinite Universes
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will bring back the embalmed dead in 55-60 years. Dead that are protected from humidity by a sealed metal casket and grave liner or grave vault. The United States does most of the world's embalming. Embalming became really popular during the Civil War. People wanted to send their loved ones home for a proper burial. During this time, poured glass coffin inserts became common as well as vulcanized rubber coffin inserts. Sealed lead caskets were in use for John Paul Jones, George and Martha Washington, and Benjamin Franklin during the American Revolution. These notables were embalmed in a bath of alcohol. During the Civil War, formalin injection thru the arteries was perfected. Abraham Lincoln is embalmed with arsenic. This made him rock hard. General Grant is also embalmed. He was placed in a cast iron casket with a viewing window. The Grant memorial is located in New York City. It is a giant structure that is designed using neo-classical style. Elvis Presleyis embalmed. He is placed in a 700lb bronze casket at his home in Graceland. He is totally protected from humidity and the elements. Marilyn Monroeis also embalmed and placed in a sealed metal casket. She is in a vault in Los Angeles. Millions of Americans are embalmed and properly protected. Mary Baker Eddy who founded Christian Scientists is embalmed and placed in a bronze casket with a viewing window. Her tomb is elegant marble that should protect the body for 1000 years or longer. Thomas Edison is embalmed and placed in a protective casket and now residing in his mansion grounds. Alexander Graham Bell is embalmed a placed in a protective casket and protective vault on the highest mountain in Nova Scotia. His vault was blasted into solid rock. General Pershing, who commanded the American forces in World War I is embalmed and placed in a protective casket and vault. This was done on top secret orders by 5,000 Pentagon servicemen when he died. Germans, Italians, Russians, British, French were most often buried in mass graves in WWI...with no embalming and maybe just the clothes they had on their backs. So, Pershing's top secret burial was necessary. Pershing was anticipating nanotechnology. NATION.... anagrams as NANO IT... :-) "Do the nanotechnology....:-)....!!!"....When the word Nation was coined they made it in anticipation of nanotechnology. The supposition being that manipulation of atomic matter would be the salvation of the State and the men and women of the State. Grave liners are usually made of concrete. They have flanges that create a seal. Grave liners can be made of metal or fiberglass also. Grave liners only cost a few hundred dollars. Grave vaults are a little more expensive, but the high end can cost several thousand dollars. They are more rugged than grave liners. Sealed metal caskets have a rubber gasket that seals when the casket is cranked down. Joseph Stalin, Lenin, Chairman Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Eva Peron are embalmed and in perfect shape. Eva Peron is resting in a sealed metal casket that has a viewing window. She appears to look much like a wax doll. Lenin and Stalin are soaked in a formalin solution every year. They also are swabbed with a formalin solution to prevent a build up of bacteria.

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Immortality Web Routes

Immortality Web Routes

Immortality Web Routes