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KUSF San Francisco, 90.3 FM, Formerly Alternate Mondays 6:00-9:00 AM PST

To hell with genres... Marketing teams in corporate radio and at some commercial netcasting sites continue to narrow the listening experience to isolate and exploit, economically and sociologically, their "target" audiences...excuse the term...with little thought given to the exchange of ideas via the medium of music. You would never have found that kind of single-mindedness here. The philosophy behind this show? S t r a p   y o u r s e l f   i n   a n d   e n j o y   t h e   r i d e . Formats listed on the playlists (CD, LP, download, etc.) are the formats which I played, though other formats may be available for each release. The times in the left hand column of each playlist indicate (approximately) the point at which the first track of each set began. If you have questions about which record labels carry these recordings, etc., or if you have hate mail or an otherwise uncontrollable urge to communicate, contact me here; the station's former page is still at --Prem

P.S.: places the banner ads and pop-ups on these pages; it's not by my design, so please keep that in mind.

Music Playlists for 4/16/11 (on Time Warp), 11/27/10 (on Time Warp), 5/24/10 , 5/17/10 (on DJ Minx's show!), 5/10/10 , 4/26/10 , 4/12/10 , 3/29/10
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