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The following list contains a collection of some very interesting composers. The genres of Marches, Ragtime, Dixieland and Blues have been combined for a good reason. One led to another. The popularity of Sousa's marches evolved when some composers began to "rag" the rhythm, syncopating the melody against the basic underlying meter. In New Orleans the bands which tagged along down the street at the end of the Funeral processions played marches which sounded jubilant and exciting, expressing the joys of the beloved passing to the other side where the worries of poverty and racism did not exist. They impovised several melodies simultaneously creating the wonderful genre of Dixieland. These same bands could also express the heaviness of life through the genre of the Blues. You'll find various shadings of all of these genres in the music of the composers listed below.

Choose from the following Composers

Alton A. Adams
Harold Bien
George Botsford
E. L. Bowman
Edmund Braham
William Brede
George L. Cobb
R. B. Hall
W. C. Handy
Scott Joplin
Charles Lamb
J. Bodewalt Lampe
F. W. Meacham
Jelly Roll Morton
Original Dixieland Band
Boyd Senter
John Philip Sousa
Charley Straight