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Instituto Cultural Mexicano

Sandias, Diego Rivera


The Mexican Cultural Institute of Los Angeles was established in 1990 with the primary goal of fostering and enhancing, through cultural exchange, the understanding and communication between the peoples of Mexican and the United States. Our focus is on Los Angeles, a city with more people of Mexican descencent than any other in the world except Mexico City.

The Institute is truly a binational organization with distinguished individuals on its Board of Directors from both Mexico and the United States, from the private sector and from government. The Institute is a duly chartered California non-profit corporation with federal tax-exempt status. In addition to several prominent Mexican-Americans, the board includes the Consul General of Mexico in Los Angeles, a representative from the Mexican Foreign Ministry and the Governors of several Mexican States which have large numbers of former residents now living in California.

The goals of our Mission are accomplished through ongoing social and cultural exchanges and through showcasing artists from Mexico and the United States whose work crosses the cultural divide between them or whose talents and achievements exemplify and honor Mexican or Mexican-American cultural traditions. Another principal path toward better North-South understanding is through programs of educational exchange, many of which have already been successfully implemented by the Institute. In addition, the Institute supports a program of sports and community activities in the Los Angeles area.

We wish to be a catalyst for building bridges between ethnic groups in our part of the country and those people from Mexico who have a direct and special interest in what is happening in Southern California. Finally, we are especially interested in strenghthening the bonds between U.S. born Mexican-Americans and immigrants from Mexico, and beyond that, promoting greater understanding and communication between them and the rest of the population of Southern California.

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