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Bay Area Meteorites
Women's Wheelchair Basketball Team

The Meteorites are Coming!!
The Meteorites are Coming!!

National Tournament: March 2-6, 1998
St. Paul, Minnesota
Tournament Director: Karla Peterson
2579 Territorial Rd
St Paul, MN 55114

Bay Area Meteorites: the only women's wheelchair basketball team in San Francisco's East Bay

We have a variety of disabilities, and range in age from teens through middle-age. As team members, we bring an array of talents and honors to the squad, including national and international team selections and awards, as well as leadership within the National Women's Wheelchair Basketball Association.

Call for community support

Wheelchair Basketball for women is a growing sport that deserves more recognition. There are only 10 women's teams in the United States, as compared to approximately 150 men's teams. Disabled women must travel all over the country in order to experience competitive games; therefore, we spend a great deal of time fundraising,educating the community, and expanding the network of wheelchair basketball teams so that other women can play. Many of us never had access to Physical Education classes or athletic opportunities until we discovered the thrill and challenge of being physically active through participation on a wheelchair basketball team.

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