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Mary Ellen Kennedy is the former Director of the Office of Biosafety, Laboratory Centre for Disease Control, Health Canada. In that position, she provided a wide range of consultive services and training and served as a Director of a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre in Biosafety. Mary Ellen is author and co-author of many publications in biosafety including being editor of the Canadian National Laboratory Biosafety Guidlines published in 1990 and 1996. She is a registered member of the Canadian College of Microbiologists(RM), a member of the Canadian Society of Microbiologists, and a Registered Biosafety Professional(RBP) with the American Biological Safety Association. In 1997 Mary Ellen retired from the Federal Government of Canada and is currently consulting in the field of biosafety. She may be reached at: Longview Farm, R.R.4 Ashton, Ontario CANADA, K0A 1B0 Telephone/Fax (613) 257-5837