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My Projects


Silly Sounds Jukebox

This is just some wierd toy I found a Goodwill it is my first completed circuit bend. It has a metronome which produces clicks and when you press on the icons on the menu they make their representative sound. The dial on the front is a 500k potentiometer which adjusts the tempo. On the top left are 2 trimmers and a toggle switch. When you flip the toggle the tempo becomes quite slow and small adjustments can be made by the trimmers. When the red on front is pressed the whole thing freaks out and starts triggering all the sounds . I also added the green LED's which can bee seen on the front.


Kool Toys Keyboard

Just your standard keyboard, nothing special about it except the keys light up. Good thing I only paid a dollar for it. Though not finished, when bent the thing can produce some horrible screeches and raspy notes with its very very load speaker. I think it has some potential.


Unknown Keyboard

I don't know who makes this keyboard. It can record the keys you play then play it back. On the left is a pitch wheel. It has some very funny "animal" sounds of a dog, duck, frog, and bird. I have not done much with this one, but like all the others it has potential and it has produced interesting bent sounds.

Casio SK-1

Casio began production of these in 1985. It is actually a small keyboard and sampler (mono quality sampling for 2-3 seconds). I got it for $10 from Goodwill but I bet it cost a lot more than that when it was new. There alot of bends in this thing. I have so far found over 100 different combination which produce some effect, they may not be worth keeping, but they are fun to find.


Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Megaphone Thing

This is one of the cooler toys I have found to bend. Its just a voice changer with three setting which pretty much are the same except for pitch. But there are a lot of bends in here. Also I plan to connect an audio in jack to the microphone connections so that Ican feed an external source (synth, drum machine) through this thing. If you can find one, get one. It was worth the dollar I spent on it.