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Liseeri's Home Page

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Hello all and welcome to my page! Some of you might be wondering; who is Liseeri? or any of the other elves, then again maybe you just want some information about our Sim Group or you would like to submit your bio of your character to join the sim,what ever you choose, I hope you email me and let me know what you think of this page!

This page is in no way affiliated with Warp Graphics or Wendy and Richard Pini, the creators of Elfquest.

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Who is Liseeri?

Chieftess of the New Ones,and born 300 years ago the only child of an aging father (900 years old) MoonRider and his young concubine FeatherLeaf both of the Go-Back tribe.

She has her mother's features...large black almond eyes, long thick very curly unruly hair that she wears loose most of the time except on a hunt, when she gathers it to the nape of her neck and ties it with a piece of braided leather - a gift from her mother - or when she is in battle, where she wears it in a single long braid down her back - the end ot the braid secured with the bark of a thornbush complete with thorns, to swing at her enemies faces - she also has a face that betrays her emotions at every turn, her quick wit and razor sharp cynicism comes from her father.

Quick with a short bow, and fast with her daggers (she carries attached to her right boot and one at her left hip) she also wears wrist guards that with a press of a button, reveal razor sharp knife points (a gift from her friend Athesdan Gorach of the Eldar race). She also carries a satchel at her belt. Like all elfs she can send and is quick on her feet.

Her attire suggests one used to long cold winters...softhide boots that travel to her knees, a short tunic and a long cape with a hood when worn covers all of her face. She is generally untrusting of new situations, prefering to hold her tongue until she has enough information to make a decision, but sometimes her gut feelings get in the way of her mind. When she is loyal, it is to the death.

Her friend Tazo is a tahveng (kind of a mix between a mongoose and a ferret). He has soft dark brown hair and bright black eyes... They are inseparable: he runs ahead during hunts to check things out and curls around Liseeri's neck at night to sleep (thereby protecting her from any throat slitting in the middle of the night) They are inseparable.

The New Ones

We refer to ourselves as the People yet others call us The New Ones.

more will be added to this section as it develops

Our Sim

This is just the beginning stages and I welcome all suggestions. Usually a sim lasts at least 1 hour (as you all know that goes by fast when you're online). Usually once a week is a good place to start...

OK here are the preliminary guidelines for the sim... each person can have a max of two characters at a time (you can only be one at a time but can switch off weekly) you can also "kill off" your character anytime you like these characters are your own creation, they cannot be already established EQ characters but they can be related ex:uncle, sibling,cousin etc...
try thinking about how your character's personality and background is remember it is better not to have a fully fleshed out character as you want to leave room for your character to develop. Your character does not have to follow EQ guidelines (can be from another tribe or different beliefs) or be different race all together!

what we'll be doing is becoming a tribe but we do not all have to be born into that tribe

Submitting your character bio for the sim

While I will be having forms later to make this easier...right now all bios are accepted in simple text format (make sure you save a copy for yourself!) to me

character bios should include: Remember, your characters do not to be fully fleshed out (in fact it's better not to so your character has room to grow within the sim)

Other Elves


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