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How To Make a Wheel of Truth Game

There are 3 things you need to make:

The Puzzle Board

You will need:

29 pieces of poster board. They must all be the same colour!!!! (this is enough to make 6 of each vowel, and 4 of each consonant.)
50 clothespins
5 packages of sticky white gummy tack. (the stuff that looks like gum, but you use it to stick stuff to the wall.)

Cut the pieces of posterboard into 4. (Cut it lengthwise at centre, and widthwise at centre.) Using a graphics program on your computer, print out each letter of the alphabet, each on a seperate page. It is important to make the letter as large as possible, but still making it the same size as all the other letters.

Photocopy 4 copies of each consonant, and 6 copies of each vowel. (Important Note: Keep a Master Copy of your alphabet letters! You may need an extra letter sometime!)

Glue Stick Each of the Copied letters onto the pieces of poster board.

Attach the letters to any wall by using the gummy white stuff, stuck to the back of clothespins. Each clothespin holds up one letter.

Helpful Hint: If you want to use less printer ink, use this method. Warning: It takes much more time. I printed the Master Copy of letters using the "outline" stlye of lettering. The "fill colour" was set at "none". Then I photocopied the letters onto coloured paper. I cut out each letter, and pasted it onto a different colour of paper. Then I pasted that whole thing to the poster board.

The Wheel

The best material to make this out of is wood. Use 1/2 inch thickness.
Cut out a circle from the wood of aprox. 3 feet in diameter. You can attach a "lazy suzan" mechanism, found at your local hardward store, or you can drill a hole in the centre of the wooden circle, and mount the wheel onto a metal axel. Build a stand from wood, making sure it is sturdy enough to handle kids spinning the wheel with all their might! The sturdier the better!

Mark the wheel off into sections of pie. Paint the sections bright colours! When that dries, paint numbers on the wheel. e.g. 500 points, 1000 points, lose a turn, lose 1000 points, 200 points, 100 points etc. Make sure the colour of the points is a good contrast to the background colour!

Hammer nails all around the edge of the wheel. Put one at each spot where the sections of pie meet. Then put nails inbetween. Put 1 or 2 nails in each section of pie, but keep it consistant all the way around.

Finally, you need to attach a "stopper". This is the piece at the top of the wheel that will point to the number of points. Use a piece of strong leather, or plastic as the stopper. Attach it to an "arm" (another piece of wood) that is at the top of the wheel. Attach the "arm" to the base of the wheel.

It would probably be the easiest to get someone who knows a little about carpentry to build this for you! Basically you are trying to make a wheel like the one on T.V., only it's a little smaller, and it's standing on a stand instead of laying down. Good Luck!
Score Board

This part is Easy! Just use a chalkboard to keep track of how many points each team gets. If a chalkboard is not handy, use a piece of paper!

Any questions? Just ask!