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"Internet is a heaven when there is such thing as 'No Solicitation'."

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This is my homepage page new look as of Oct. 5, 1997. It would be best if you're using Netscape browser, because I do all my final testing using it. Anyway, check out my Shareware page for some free software for Win95/NT. I've also written a few programs for Win95, which are located in my Freeware page (I give them out for free). Check back to this page often for any emergency information!
I'll try to keep the updates as often as possible, but I've got millions of things to do, such as spending half my day at school (UC schedules are so erratic), busy with homework, study for mid-terms, watching movies and sit-coms (can't do without a bag of BBQ chip and a can of Coke), and such & such...
~Kent H.

JavaScript Games I've written...
Tic Tac Toe
The game of GERMS

~ MP3 Search Engines ~

"No, this trick won't work... How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics as important a biological phenomenon as first love?" ~ Albert Einstein

A ridiculous but really funny quote I've received from E-mail:
Why did God make man before women?
You need a rough draft before you have a final copy. :-)

Some cool random quotes from E-mail...
"A conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking." ~ Michael K.
"To succeed in politics, it is often necessary to rise above your principles." ~ Jim G.

If you have anything cool to contribute, please send them to me via E-mail!

Just some personal info...
Songs I listen to lately:
Favorite Sitcoms: Friends, Caroline in the City, & Seinfeld (off the air) :(

An unbelievable proof:

  1. IF  Knowledge is Power
  2. IF  Time is Money
  3. From the definition of Power:  Power = Work / Time

  4. Then   Knowledge = Work / Money
      ... Knowledge * Money = Work
  5. So   Work / Knowledge = Money
      ... as Knowledge gets smaller, the fraction (Money) gets bigger.

  6. Conclusion:   The less you know, the more money you will make!

One of my favorite paradox: (Achilles and the Tortoise)

Achilles and the tortoise are having a race. Achilles can run 10 meters in a second, and the tortoise can run 1 meter in a second. Since the tortoise is slower, the tortoise get a 10 meters head start. Lets assume that the race course is well over 10 meters! At first it seems that Achilles will catch and pass the tortoise. However, it turns out that Achilles will never be able to catch and pass the tortoise. Why is that? Well lets start from the beginning of the race...

First Achilles must reach the point where the tortoise starts. Call this point #1. This will take Achilles once second. But after Achilles does this, the tortoise will be 1 meter ahead of him, which is at point #2. Then Achilles must reach Point #2, where the tortoise was at while Achilles was at point #1. When Achilles finally reaches point #2, though, the tortoise is still ahead by 0.1 meter at point #3. Now Achilles must catch the tortoise getting to point #3. But after he does this, though, the tortoise will still be ahead by 0.01 meter at point #4.

As you can see, as Achilles tries to reach and catch up with the tortoise, the tortoise will always be ahead by some fraction of a meter. Mathematically speaking, the number of times Achillies tries to catch up with the tortoise, n, the tortoise will still be ahead by 1/(10^(n-1)) meters. Therefore, it is proved that Achilles will never catch the tortoise.   ^_^

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