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Welcome to Colin and Karen Latreille`s Rottweiler Homepage. We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club(CKC), DVG America, Ottawa Valley Rottweiler Club (OVRC), Working Rottweiler Association of Canada (WRAC) and the Rottweiler Rescue Society. We have been involved with rottweilers in conformation for 9 years and for the past five years we have been heavily involved in the sport of schutzhund. Feel free to check our dogs out and E-mail me if you have any questions regarding our dogs,upcoming breedings or just to say Hi!. A portion of all our puppies sold at Karlinhaus is donated to the Rottweiler Rescue Society

Typical Karlinhaus rottweiler puppy - SG2 Arco Vom Karlinhaus....See his section below


  • "AKEA" V-2 Akea Vom Teufelhund SchH1, BH, ZTP, OFA RO-42649G30F-T * OVC #AA4225
    Ch. Andor Vom Herrenholz SchHIII, AD, Gekort x Cindy vom Alengarten SchHIII, IPOIII, BH, ZTP)

  • Critique:
    Medium in size, in good condition with very good body proportions, head with medium stop, small highset ears, should be carried closer to the head, flues good and dark, mouth corners somewhat lighter, broad deep chest, correct shoulder placement, straight front, very well knuckled paws, strong neck, broad muscled rear, strong joints, medium angulation, healthy coat, brown markings clearly defined but somewhat light underneath the tail, free, fluent and far reaching gait with good front and rear drive, straight topline, complete scissors bite, brown eyes.
    Judge: Willie Hedtke (ADRK)
    Rating: V-2


    Temperment: Very High
    Courage: very High
    Protection Drive: High
    Fighting Drive: Very High
    Hardness: Very High

    ZTP Judge: Willi Hedtke (ADRK)

  • Multi V- Rated Can.CH.Cora Vom Weltsieger OFA RO-55077G29F-T V-2 rating @ Sovereign Rottweiler Club Sieger Show. Judge Alice Zansch, Entry of 25 open bitches. In her first time out as a Open dog in 1997 Cora received a V-4 rating under repected ADRK judge Hans Krings. Cora, as a youth was also SG-2 rated under
    Willie Hedtke and Johann Mehlin
    Pictured at 17 months
    (Irk Vom Obergrombacher Schloss SchIII, AD, BH, Gekort bis EzA x Doc vd Teufelsbrucke SchIII, FH, AD, BH, Gekort daughter)

  • Critique:
    Medium size female. Stong bone, very well put together, friendly, typey head, stop and cheekbones pronounced, medium sized ears, dark mouth pigmentation, deep broad chest, good forechest, front and rear correctly angulated, muscular, strong tight back, strong top coat, medium brown markings, little bit small on chest, fluid movement, scissors bite.
    Judge: Alice Zansch (ADRK) Rating: V-2
    "This was the best moving bitch in the class"... A.Zansch
    Multi-V Can.Ch.CORA VOM WELTSIEGER OFA # RO-55077G29F-T
    Multi V1 Irk Vom Obergrombacher Schloss SchIII, AD, BH, ZTPR, Gekort, BIS EzA
    Klubsieger, Multi V1 Hassan V Konigsgarten SchIII, AD, ZTPR, Gekort BIS
    Amigo V Kressbach SchIII
    Gunga V Konigsgarten SchI
    Berta V Klein-Vach SchII, AD
    Arras V.D Herzogslinde SchIII
    Vicki V Rodenstein SchII
    Ines V Frankenberg Intl. Ch., Austrian Sgr., IFR Sgr., Multi V1 Doc vd Teufelsbruke SchIII, FH, AD, BH, ZTPR, Gekort BIS Intl.Ch., WS`90, Benno VD Schwarzen Heide SchII, FH, AD, ZTPR, TT
    Intl. Ch. Bea VD Teufelsbruke SchIII, IPO III, FH, AD, Gekort BIS EzA
    Ira vd Zigeunerinesl BH, ZTPR
    Chris V Obergrombacher Schloss SchIII, AD, Gekort BIS
    Finte VD Zigeunerinsel SchI, AD

  • "SINGIN" Muli V-Rated Canadian Ch. Nighthawk's Hot Shot, BH, TT, CGC, OFA R0-42511G27M * RO-EL10005 * Cerf RO-1945/94-22 * VWD- ( Bel Ch. Graves Kapenborough SchHI, CD grandson)

    4 year old male, strong head, dark eyes, well carried ears, full dentition, scissors bite, good mouth pigmentation, dark, chest development good, straight topline, good angulation, strong bones, good movement, good coat structure, markings on chest could be more, markings on front legs sooty.
    Judge: Johann Mehlin
    Rating: V-2

    FLASH! Singin @ almost seven years of age goes V-4 under Dieter Hoffman (ADRK) in a class of 23! - September 21 1998

  • Arco Vom Karlinhaus @ 8-1/2 months old
    (Lakeland`s D Vom Teufelhund, BH X V-2 Akea Vom Teufelhund SchH1, BH, ZTP)

    Arco was the first born rottweiler at Karlinhaus rottweilers. Arco has also excelled in the German Sieger show ring. In two appearances under ADRK judges Arco has placed VVN3 and SG2. In his last show where he went SG2 he defeated several dogs that were sired by very notable sires such as Falco, Moritz and Noris. His Show career will continue in 1999, and will be going for his BH at the Working Rottweiler Association of Canada fall trial.

    Critique: 6-9 month class, SRC Sieger Show May 1998

    Large with strong bone. Dog should be overall more free. Very good developed head. Good carried ears. Dark brown eyes. Good front. Correct rear. Strong coat. Dark brown markings. Natural gait. Scisor bite.
    Judge: Alice Zansch ADRK
    Rating: VVN3

    Critique: 12-18 month class(Arco was 12 months and 1 week old), OVRC Sieger Show September 1998

    Medium sized, with appropriate bone, Lively, Attentive. Good head, Medium sized ears, should be carried closer to the head, Dark brown eye, Dark mottled mouth pigmentation, good forechest, Very good neck and topline, Front paws turn to the outside at times, Correct rear, correct coat with dark brown markings, Free gait, Scissors bite.
    Judge: Kormeister Dieter Hoffman ADRK
    Rating: SG2

  • "DUX" . - Lakeland's D Vom Teufelhund, BH & Me
    Ch. Andor Vom Herrenholz SchHIII, AD, Gekort x Assi vom Luchstein)
    Memorium - April 26, 1993 - December 28, 1999..Thanks for the good times! until we meet again "Roochie". Love, Colin & Karen
    "DEA" Karlinhaus Dea Vom Teufelhund
    (Lakeland's D Vom Teufelhund, BH x V-Bea Vom Matterhorn IPO I) DEA is our newest edition to the Karlinhaus kennel.
    Check out Dea`s mother, brothers and and Grandfather winning the stud dog class in Germany

  • Karlinhaus Dea Vom Teufelhund
    Lakeland`s D Vom Teufelhund, BH
    Can Ch. Andor Vom Herrenholz SchHIII AD Gekort bis
    Harrass vom Sternbogen SchHIII FH
    Face Vom Gruntenblick BS`85 SchHIII FH AD Gekort bis
    Assi Vom Luchstein
    `83 EJS Baas Von der Siegbruke, SchHIII, FH, AD, Gekort, bis, EzA
    Kessi von St. Andreasberg, ZTP
    Bea Vom Matterhorn IPOI Int./VDH Ch. Franko vom Moorteich, SchH3, IPO3, FH, AD, BH, Gekort bis EzA Antar vom Graf Babo SchH3, AD
    Dana vom Waldwinkel SchH1, BH, AD
    Pam vom Schwaiger Wappen
    Gary von Hohenhameln SchH3, IPO3, FH, AD, BH
    ES, KS, Int./VDH Ch. Dorle von der Teufelsbrucke, SchH3, AD, BH, FH

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    Upcoming Breedings

  • V-2 Can.Ch.Cora Vom Weltsieger will be bred in the summer of 1999 to:

    V2 Rated Can Ch. Nighthawk's Hot Shot BH, CGC, TT. RESERVATIONS A MUST!


  • Karlinhaus Rottweilers RR#1 Oxford Station Ontario, Canada K0G1T0 (613) 258-0173

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