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Our New Project!. . . . .

Our New Project!
A 1967 20' Globetrotter Airstream!

Our new baby!

First of all, these pictures are not our doing! These pictures were sent to us as a JPG file and was the reason we left home at 6:30 AM on a Sunday morning, traveling 3 1/2 hours to see this beauty. The previous owners did a great job selling us with these! I wanted to share them!

Another angle of our 1967 Globe Trotter

Well, with the Teardrop done, we've got to keep Jim busy!
and we found the ideal project! Not too much work, but just enough to fill those cold winter months!

As you can see, it's a beauty!

Check out the original plates!

We lucked out on this license plate, didn't we? It's the original California black and gold plate. The patch on the side above the wheel well is where the vent for the heater was removed ~ but the heater was also removed!

The Airstream logo from above the rear window is missing, and the original numbers from WBCC club are removed, with their outline still visible. The hubcaps are rusted, but the windows! They're the original curved glass windows!

Does this remind you of Go Go Girls and Flower Children?  These are the original colors!

These cushions and their covers are original - Duh! Like someone would actually look for this fabric today! We will replace the mattresses and of course the covers. The drapes will be replaced with curtains and shades!

There is a bullet light on either side of the front seat; one is in excellent condition, the one you see is limp and hanging! This one should be replaced. The linoleum is in pretty good shape since it was covered with carpeting. The previous owners removed the carpeting, but saved it for us to use as a pattern. Great people!

Banquet table across the front

This table is tucked along the wall ~ until you need it ~ and then it just slides out and unfolds!

Great for those rainy days at campgrounds ~ all that's lacking are the cards and poker chips!

Love this kitchen area!

The kitchen area is in excellent shape! and are we tickled! Jim has started shining up the chrome on the stove and is it beautiful! The formica needs to be reglued in several spots, but outside of that is great. And of course those curtains have to go! The sunny yellow theme in the appliances and the bathroom (you see that in the rear of the trailer)will stay ~ with blue accents!

. . . oh do we have great plans!! Ready to see more pictures?

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Our unending thanks go to Don and Jane for parting with this jewel!
It'll be well taken care of and loved here!

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