Tribute to Edward C. Rosenow (1875-1966) by Stuart Hale Shakman
Tribute to Edward C. Rosenow (1875-1966)
by S. H. Shakman - Copyright 1996-8, all rights reserved.

Excerpted from REFERENCE MANUAL ROSENOW ET AL.., "Medical Guide of the Future" [JAMA 1938],
Chapter 1, "Overview -- Rosenow, Bacteriology and Disease":

The monumental works of Rosenow ... have reversed the opinions of the highest medical authority of the world and thrown to earth the false theories of older medicine ...
- - C.H. Pierce, 1915 [*1]

[Dr. Rosenow] was adept at ... reproducing the clinical syndromes of the patients in animals. ... the resemblance of syndromes [was] often unbelievable and at times almost ludicrous ... he prepared autogenous vaccines that worked miracles in innumerable patients.
- -Leonard G.Rowntree, 1958 [*2]

Pierce's 1915 glowing assessment of Dr. Edward C. Rosenow (then age 40) was by no means an isolated view. By this time Dr. Rosenow was generally regarded in prominent medical circles as among the most brilliant of modern scientists. From this already-lofty positon, he went on to serve as head of experimental bacteriology for the Mayo Foundation for nearly three decades, from 1915 to 1944.

Dr. Rosenow's consistent and well-documented published works, nearly 300 articles spanning the period from 1902 through 1958, built upon two venerable medical concepts: (a) the concept of oral focal infection, whereby distant and/or generalized diseases have been attributed to the dissemination of microorganisms or their toxins through the bloodstream from an oral "focus" or reservoir; and (b) the ability or perhaps even tendency of microorganisms to exist in different phases as a result of dissociation or mutation, depending on environmental conditions. Dr. Rosenow's investigations consistently demonstrated the presence of specifically virulent nonhemolytic streptococci within the oral focus, primarily in or around teeth and/or tonsils (often without visible symptoms of infection) [*3]; these organisms or their derivatives were directly and clearly implicated in a wide range of diseases [*4]- from arthritis to schizophrenia, and even including disease of "blood- building tissues" [*5]. The key to the success of Dr. Rosenow's investigations was the use of a laboriously-developed methodology that most significantly correctly mimicked conditions existing within the human body, particularly involving a range of oxygen supply, rather than the customary reliance on strictly "anaerobic" (zero oxygen) or "aerobic" (as in the air) conditions.


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[End of Chapter 1 Excerpt]

A fundamental concept, essential to understanding Rosenow's work and indeed to understanding the very nature of disease, is the relationship between "viruses" and "bacteria".  The relationship between them is generally, if not exclusively, phasal e generally not a distinct difference in type of organism (as is commonly thought in contemporary science). Change the culture media and conditions, and the virus can grow into the larger bacterial form, and vice-versa.  Accordingly, we have undertaken to make available, for the first time in book form, the essential works of Philip Hadley and associates (1927-1937), previously published in journal form only (Journal of Infections Diseases, various issues; see Microbic Dissociation (I), II, and III.


For a full outline and discussion of the essential components of Dr. Rosenow's work, the reader is referred to the
Table of Contents Table of Contents and text of "Reference Manual Rosenow et al  -- Medcal Guide of the Future"

"I am very concerned that the information you possess regarding Rosenow be protected and disseminated to all".... "It has already helped me save a life."    
----  Christopher J. Hussar, D.O., D.D.S., 1997

"For one thing, the content is mind-blowing.  The other thing --- the documentation youíve given is just outstanding.  Iíve virtually never seen anything this well documented."     
-----  Lowell Weiner, DDS, FAGD; Past Dean of Dentistry, Capital U. of Integrative Medicine

For an anatomy and full discussion of a major historic deception by W.H. Holman that has diverted attention from Rosenow's grand legacy, please see
Table of Contents and text of  Medicine's Grandest Fraud PhD.

    "It is like a well-written 'Who done it" murder mystery story.' ... "I keep being more and more thrilled with all the work you have done to expose the Holman fraud ... your work will give us the means of getting the truth before the public and the profession ... Neither I nor the world will ever be able to repay you for your wonderful contributions to understanding what caused the burial of the focal infection research."     
---- George Meinig, D.D.S., F.A.C.D., Founding member, American Assn. of Endodontists; author, Root Canal Coverup.

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