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Tribute to Crom!
Lord Croms War Horse
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Don't know who Crom is?? Try Following these Links...

Glenfinnen Rysher's Highlander Site Rysher's Highlander: The Series Site

Rysher's Highlander Forum (if you dare!) Rysher's Highlander Forum

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Known aliases Crom uses in the Highlander Chat room
[If you know of a new one, please email me {see link below} and I'll add it to this page ]

Just who the heck is this guy anyway?
Those of us lucky enough to say we know the enigma Crom will all agree that he
is a talented wordsmith. His Saga on the Barge with Troll Princess is legendary.
How about that Road Trip To Rio we took together on my BMW ? Now that was
a highlight of my year! (even though he said that he could never profess his love for my ebon heart ....sigh. Be still my beating heart! )

Just as infamous are his Top Ten Lists! Want to read his very first HL Top Ten??

But did you know he was of the Clan MacStar? Check this link for yourself.
I guess you could say StarCrom! was born.

Want even MORE? How about a Crom's Bio! and in his own words. ALL this information and many other amusing details can be found as posts on the
Rysher Highlander Forum.

Below are some sites which I stumbled upon in my race down the information superhighway in search of the ellusive Crom.  No conjecture, just pure fun. Who knows, one of these links could actually be a real link to HIM!

Where does he hide? Try The Secret Place of Crom
Prayers to Lord Crom's Could this be Crom's home?
Here's a Link to Lord Croms StorySame War Horse, Smaller Vintage!

Click your mouse on his name to send email to the Crom  man himself

Could this be Crom's Wife Lady Zoe? See the Beautiful Lady Zoe!

Crom the THunder Lizard?? Crom does an interview with Dee Snider of Twisted Sister??? (could it be???)

At one time I thought Crom might be Dead!   But CROM is Immortal - he can't be dead!

  Crom Casting Spells  But I found that was only a cruel Hoax - he lives!

The question now, is Crom really a watcher? Is he really more like I am Methos, you live to serve me! Methos than he lets on? Does he have that kewl Watchers tatoo?

Thanks to Rysher Entertainment for the many hours of enjoyment .
Also my thanks and gratitude to Tony  and Fencer from Zentropy THANK YOU Cyber Gods Tony & Fencer
for their tireless support and their friendship.

Oh Who am I ????????? Journey HERE  to find out who is Mortal-Immortal

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