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Every day, I celebrate my love for David, so I decided to make a page dedicated to him.

Dave, you're wonderful. I love you. I can't imagine life without you. I'm glad that I married you. I'm happy that we're blessed with Lash.
Here's a poem by Petronius Arbiter (translated by Ben Jonson) which reminds me of Dave:

Doing, a filthy pleasure is, and short;
And done, we straight repent us of the sport:
Let us not then rush blindly on unto it,
Like lustful beasts, that only know to do it:
For lust will languish, and that heat decay.
But thus, thus, keeping endless holiday,
Let us together closely lie and kiss,
There is no labour, nor no shame in this;
This hath pleased, doth please, and long will please; never
Can this decay, but is beginning ever.

The One I Love

Celebration of Love
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