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.........HAPPY HOLIDAYS....... This page was created November 28, 1998 at 11:30 PM PST ..............
  Welcome to My Homepage.
  My name is Sam Bowman. I live in
  Riverside, California. This is my 2nd
  favorite hobby. My 1st is Star Trek.

  I've been experimenting with all
  different types of looks and all
  different types of page designs,
  and I like this one the best.

  Here's a few Links to view of the
  different pages I have done the
  past two years at

My Homepage..My pictures page
My Links Page..My Sims Page!
Feel free to look around. Thanks for stopping by. Also Please visit another Local BBS I go to frequently

Above is one of my original bbs's that got me started on the internet and this is why I have them linked on my hompage.You can also visit my business page by clicking here or you can just e-mail me with your comments! This page was updated today December 8, 1998.


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