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World War One Art and Artists

This page is dedicated to the fascinating art and artists of World War I as well as the art and artists who have been inspired by the multiple holocausts of this global conflict.


  • War Artists of World War One [Canada]
    6 official Canadian war artists's (all worked under the auspices of the Canadian War Memorials Fund) links with brief biographies and some reproductions of their World War I official war art,viz.:
  • Paul Nash
  • John Nash
  • Eric Kennington
  • Frank Brangwyn
  • Henry Lamb
  • Mark Gertler
  • William Orpen
  • Stanley Spencer
  • Charles Nevinson
  • John Singer Sargent
  • P[ercy] Wyndham Lewis
  • Georges Leroux
    A French artist who also served in the French army as a combatant during the war. A reproduction of perhaps his most famous canvas painted directly from immediate recall and sketches. An often reproduced image of the horrors of trench warfare.
  • William Roberts
  • David Bomberg
  • The Battlefield Art of Mary Riter Hamilton
    A wonderful on-line exhibition of a previously little known Canadian female artist who toured the western front just after the end of hostilities painting what she saw. A circulating exhibition and paper catlogue was produced a few years ago on her. Recommended!
  • Trenches on the Web Posters
    An international representative selection of war posters reproduced as small graphical images. A good start when viewing these posters.
  • Trenches on the Web - Special: USA Great War Poster Reproductions
    56 American posters from the war that can be ordered as high quality paper/canvas printed reproductions!
  • Affiches Militaires: Recrutement des Troupes De Marine et Guerre de 14-18
    A very fine site with excellent graphics of 78 WWI posters from a private collector that are also enlargeable. The collector should be warmly thanked! Recommended!
  • Trenches on the Web Fractal Gallery
    An unreservedly recommended site! Generally divided into Paintings,Portraits and Posters. We can only hope that cartoons/caricatures will be developed!
  • Imperial War Museum: First World War Remembered - 'The Fatal Salient: The First World War letters and paintings of Harold Sandys Williamson'
    A wonderful on-line exhibition of the artworks of HAROLD SANDYS WILLIAMSON (1892 - 1978). A fine example of a pre-war recognized artist(in 1914-1915 he was awarded the Turner Gold Medal at the Royal Academy) and a soldier-artist.
  • US Army Official War Artists
    An excellent article (*illustrated) by Walter Kudlick on the 8 American official AEF artists who were commissioned by the U.S. Engineer Corps to depict AEF scenes,viz.: W.J.Aylward, W.J.Duncan, H.T.Dunn, G.M.Harding, W.Morgan, E.C.Peixotto, J.Andre Smith and H.E.Townsend. Many unofficial soldier artists also went over with the AEF including such figures as Captain Leon Dabo the aide-de-camp to Major-General Mark L. Hersey of the AEF's 4th Division 1918 - 1919.
  • Imperial War Museum: Art Collection - [ John Singer Sargent 'Gassed' ]
    "Gassed" by JOHN SINGER SARGENT is one of the largest paintings in the Imperial War Museum's collections. This is not surprising since the British War Memorials Committee intended that his painting would be the centerpiece for a proposed 'Hall of Remembrance'. The eventual painting measured 20 feet by 7 feet six inches (a couple feet short of the 9 to 11 feet tall proposed by the BWMC).
  • 1914-18 War - Art of the First World War
    A UNESCO sponsored commemorative site of the 80th. anniversary of the year that the First World War ended with the Armistice of November,1918. An international effort with French,British,German and Austrian museums participating.
  • The Sinking of the 'Mendi'
    This is an interesting site based on the cumulated productions over 5 years by South African artist Hilary GRAHAM. The site shows 8 works currently based on many more works held by the King George VI Art Gallery,Port Elizabeth,South Africa. Ms.GRAHAM was inspired to illustrate the tragic sinking by collision of the Mendi carrying the Native Labour Corps (handpicked black South Africans) on February 20,1917 in the English Channel. Of 805 black troops 607 were lost. Ms.GRAHAM recommends as a source on this incident: Norman Clothier's "Black Valour" Natal University Press 1987.

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