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Hi everybody!!!!if you are on my page I believe it is because you know me or you want to know more about me !! MMMMMmmmmm... What can I say ?? Ho yes ... I remember ***lol*** I'm a girl of 16 from Ville de la Baie, I Like to do sports and write poetry ( i have some in my page of dragon, some of me and some are'nt).I have some passions :Chandelier, Dragon (I have a tatoo) and internet ... Everybody know I'm a fan of the internet!! I have two brothers one whose nick name is CrazyZ
And the other is called Colargol !!! I love them all !|! I'm a girl who love everybody!!Visit my page and you'll find the page of my friends !! Good ViSiT =)!! Be Cool of HellHeaveN xxx

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