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I've been reading comic off and on since I was in grade school. What started off as a passing fancy blossomed into a full blown obsession then simmered into a form of entertainment and a potential career. During high school, I decided that I would someday become a comic book writer, and spent many long hours creating stories for my art class peers and characters for artist friends to draw up. Almost eight years, and literally hundreds of rejection letters later, I took the advice of a friend and decided to create my own comic book company/studio. What started off as a small studio called Xero Productions soon transformed into a 30 artist-and-writer strong company called Oktober Black Press.

During it's 3 year existance, OBP produced two anthologies (MOSIAC #1&2) and the first issue of a crime drama (JUNKFOOD NOIR). It also helped launch the careers of several young and then-unknown artists, including:

Although OBP is no longer publishing, the name lives on as I continue to do freelance work. Currently, I am working on several scripts for proposal to various companies. Below are two examples of my work, past and present. Enjoy!

MiSFiTSMiSFiTS: An Online Journal is an ongoing account following a story from its inception to (hopefully) its publication. Click on the logo to take a peek at what's currently going on with the story.

PKPK is the beginning of a ten page mini-comic that artist (and former roommate) Chris Kohler and I put together a few years back. Though the story never saw publication, Chris liked it enough to put on his web page. Click on the face at left to follow the link.

ArtKevin D. Converse: Artist at Large, a quick look at some spectacular work done by one of OBP's founders.